Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Cooler temperatures

It's  interesting seeing all of the techie things Chris has in his new his house.  He has a touch faucet and I keep forgetting and turning the faucet off. 

Monday night was a fun night.  First it was zoom night with Josh and his family. Well,  jokes were the pre-dinner conversation.  Cyrus was asking Google for "jokes," then, "funny jokes, " etc.  Then Pat asked if they heard the joke about the pizza?  He said he couldn't tell it because it was too cheesy.  They were not impressed, lol!

Next Chris had his neighbors over for homemade ice cream.  The ice cream was fabulous, but we had the most fun watching the two cute preschoolers crank the ice cream.

Chris had the day off Weds. and he and Pat began working on his new shed.  They got all 4 walls and the dormer up. 

Old Ely schoolhouse, built in
 1937, is now a community center.

Is Pat holding the wall up?


  1. We passed near Ely yesterday (Wednesday) on our way to some trout fishing with Landon at Bailey's Ford and other places. I thought of you when I saw the exit on hwy 30. We are planning to take Landon home this weekend, I think.

    1. Plan to make it to Ott. just for a day next week, but depends on when we have to go back to IN among other things.