Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Thor finished our RV yesterday.  A couple of items we still had concerns about and they let us know this morning that they were taken care of.  Tomorrow we are off for Indiana!

I watched 2 very sweet little boys two mornings this week. I think all 3 of us had a lot of fun!  We were adventurous and even made slime one day.

Chris' friends brought over food for a farewell dinner tonight.  We will be back here on Friday as we have to reload everything into the RV.  On Monday "Liemon,"  our RV, goes into Cedar Rapids Freightliner for a diesel leak, and it's 15,000 check-up.  Hopefully, we're all set to start our journey to Boston on Tues. or Weds.

We were discussing Sat. morning cartoons a while back.  What was your favorite?  Mine was Yogi Bear and Pat's  was Bugs Bunny.  I thought of that conversation today when I purchased the new Bugs Bunny postage stamps.

Enjoy the beautuful weather!


  1. Replies
    1. "Here I come to save the day!" Although he was a character I really liked Snagglepuss, "Heaven's to Murgatroyd," and "Exit, stage...".

  2. Not so fast, about half the repairs are not adequate!