Thursday, August 27, 2020

Leaving Iowa behind

Notice the flaslight durin our week without power!

HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY to our daughter-in-law Toni.  She and the girls headed north to escape hurricane Laura but it, including the rain, fortunately missed Houston so she made it home today.  She missed #37 when Harvey hit!

We really enjoyed our stay at Chris'.  We experienced the derecho, limb hauling, games by lantern, great food, friends (and their boys), new lingo for me, "Karen,"  (I'm always years behind in that area), wine, fireball, walks, shed building, started Schitts Creek which we are into now, most importantly time with Chris...and the list goes on. Thanks again!  Krikkit is really missing you Chris and your rugs.  Mine just aren't as good!

Krikkit is suffering from the effects of her treat binge yesterday--diarrha yesterday and today, vomiting this morning and, something very rare, didn't eat her breakfast until after noon.  Did she learn her lesson?  Probably not!

We have left Iowa on a trek to Boston--  eventually.  We have to meet some quarantine requirements before we get there.  We're staying at a repeat Harvest Host tonight, Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, IL.  Thanks again. No, we're still not going skydiving.  Too expensive.  Hopefully, we'll get to see others do it this time though.

A photo review of our month in Iowa:

Ice cream time with the neighbors.

Picnic lunch with Pat's sister and brother-in-law
Chris' new shed

The Little Red Shed Honesty Stand

Work on the RV

Krik's moment of shame

It all fits in

Dan and Debbies Creamery, Ely, IA


  1. It looks like our heat wave is going to break now that you have left the state. With the cooler weather I'm hoping we can visit some more state parks. Were you close to Lake Macbride during your stay by Solon?

  2. Around the corner on Coralville Lake