Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A little more work to be done

Chris and Pat hard at work.

Sat., Aug. 22

We decided we were going to get theater seating, replacing the 3 person couch/bed that came with our Palazzo.  While we still had everything out of the RV, and we had tools (borrowed from Chris), Pat and Chris removed the old couch.  Well, it wasn't so much removed as demolished.  It involved redesigning the space and involved grinding and welding.  The trade off is a little less basement space in exchange for comfortable recliners.

This was what they started with.  With the exception of the frame, the couch has been removed at this point.  The basement went up under the old couch making more storage space below.  The new one won't have room for that big bump up. 

Direct access to the basement, lol. The storage area under the couch was removed.

A much smaller box was created to house the furnace duct going to the basement storage compartment.  Camp chairs until the theater seating is ready.

Sunday, Aug. 23

We have enjoyed food cooked by Chris, Amber, and Pat over the past 3 weeks, and we've also had some great take-out.  Today, Pat and I shared cupcakes at Scratch Cupcakery in Iowa City, one was vanilla,  with icing with strawberries and chips, and the other was a chocolate oreo that also had an oreo crust.  Pat liked the chocolate best and I couldn't choose a favorite.

Tonight Chris, Amber, Tyler and the boys joined us for an indoor picnic (it was only 91° outside).  Braxton was very curious about our motorhome so he had lots of questions.  He learned how we hooked the car up, watched a slide go out and back in, and watched the cab bunk lower down.  Carter might even be getting to accept Krikkit, at least a little bit.

Tues., Aug. 25

Liemon went to Freightliner yesterday, and today, for his 15,000 mile check-up and the diesel leak (missing a clamp).  We spent 1 last night at Chris'.  Pat picked up Liemon late this morning and headed to Chris' in 92° heat to load him.  In about 45 minutes we threw all of our possessions in and Pat reorganized it tonight.  Even with Josh's 3 tubs, that he swears he didn't save, it all fit, even with the smaller basement area.

Dinner with the Bostonians tonight. On our end it was Happy Meals, as in happy that we could find anything!  We need to order groceries.  Samira had a cat that was life size.  It looked real, but the best part, it wasn't.  Cyrus was excited to share his new lego set that shot what looked like lasers, in plastic form.  Zia had made a blueberry pie-yummy!    One more day in Iowa.

It all fit!

Does Krikkit look sorry!  My fault, I tossed a baggie with dog treats with glucosamine for her joints, in on the RV floor. Either her joints will be really strong or she will get sick.

Working on the dinette bed.

Can you see the corn??  Dan and Debbie's  Creamery, sweet corn ice cream.  I'm not food adventurous, but being from Iowa I gave it a try.  It was different that's for sure.  It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't order it again. Pat said, "it wasn't spit -out terrible."