Sunday, August 23, 2020

Donuts, Parks, Donuts, Parks and repeat--The Journey Continues, Part E

First I'll catch you up on the last part of this week, then FLASHBACK day.


🎶We packed up the babies (actually doggies) and grabbed the old ladies (I'm not sure I think of myself as old--most days anyway) and everyone goes...🎶, and left Ely, IA for our home on wheels, Liemon (pronounced "Lee-maun") still in Indiana.  Thanks to Chris for giving us and our stuff a place to stay.  We ended up being there longer than we had intended.  Hopefully, we left him with his sanity! Oh, and he still has our stuff.

FRI., Aug. 21

The day has ended at Thor and we have our RV back.  We stayed today so they could tweak a few things.  We now have all issues addressed and hopefully all fixed.  The only exception is waiting for rain to see if the basement leak has been stopped.  Thanks for everything Tim, Shane, and Dennis and for getting us on our way Friday evening.  

It was late when left Wakarusa with our RV so we called up a Harvest host to see if we could park for the night.  A big THANK YOU to Lavender Crest Winery in Colona, Il. for allowing us to stay.  We enjoyed a bottle of their Red Velvet.

January, 2020

This flash back is brought to you by our daughter-in-law, Toni, and is deserving of being the only flashback of this post.  The girls had a day off of school in January when we were there, and Toni planned the neatest trip for them, us and Toni's parents.  We had a Donuts and Parks day.  One doughnut stop?  Noooo.  One park? Noooo.  We started early in the morning with our first doughnut stop, breakfast.  Then she alternated parks and donuts stops for the entire day (about 5 or 6 of each).  There are some fantastic parks in the Houston area, and of course donut shops. What did we do for lunch?  Check out the pictures below.  We had fun talking, playing and stuffing our faces!  It was a fun day and boy were we tired AND full!  Do you have a fun, memorable day to share???

Breakfast.  There were different strategies.  Some of us paced ourselves and well, others didn't!

Lunch with fried chicken between two of the BIGGEST glazed donuts you'll ever see.  Don't believe me?  Check out the next picture!

Like lunch wasn't enough donuts, there's one for dessert too.

Do we look tired?

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