Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A town that celebrates it's local talent

When we visited Nappanee last spring the corners downtown were occupied by "Junkyard Dogs" made with basicly junk.  I enjoyed the display and wanted one more look.  We're expecting, or at least hoping, that this will be our last trip to Thor.  

I was surprised to see a brand new display this year entitled  "Le Tour de Nappanee, bicycles built for you,"  coordinated by The Nappanee Arts Council.  Local artists could take a bicycle and parts to make a sculpture, or use various mediums to create a bicycle.  Several pieces were not labeled and several I did not get a clear picture to get their title.🙁

Nappanee is full of art.  They  have an Art Path.  This is an area on the biking/walking trail in town where the "retired" downtown sculptures go.  Last spring we toured "The Apple Orchard," consisting of painted apples, and "The Flower Garden," with metal flowers. Although we didn't go there this time, I'm guessing "Junkyard Dogs" has joined the Art Path.

"Just Keep Swimming," Brandon Hochstetler

"Maverick," Brandon Hochstetler

Menessah Mullet

Jeff Stillson and Jeroy Bontrager

"The Way the Wind Blows," Harry Miller

"The Happy Accident," Jennifer and Eric Tompos

On Sunday evening we finished up what was in the fridge with blueberries and whipped topping.  Pat then replicated a Gif our daughter-in-law sent the other day that we didn't get.  As we age, the more things we don't "get!"🙂

On Mon. morning we were ready to leave our home for a couple of weeks.

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