Monday, August 3, 2020

Almost feels like home?

Quilt garden in downtown Wakarusa.  The 900 sq. foot garden, comprised of 3,774 plants, is a community effort.

We  have spent so much time in this area it almost feels like hone!  We finished emptying out our RV so we went on a road trip Sun. afternoon.  Have you been to Nappanee, IN?  If not  it's a great place to visit.  It is in Amish country and the entire area, including several towns, has a lot of neat things to see, do and eat.  When we've been to Wakarussa previously we have had plenty of time to check things out.  Prior to Covid-19 you could spend the night in your RV, they would come get your R  at 7 a.m., and return it to you at 3.

Sunday I wanted to go see The Quilt Gardens on The Heritage Trail that travels through the Amish country.  I had planned on stopping at the garden in Wakarusa and two in Nappanee.  Of course, Pat was a trooper and we continued on to Goshen.  I did not ask to go on to Elkhart or Middlebury...but I considered it! The Heritage Trail also includes the town of Shipsewana but it didn't show any quilt gardens this year.   For more info: Quilt Gardens

"Meadow Flower," a mural recreating a famous quilt of the area is located in downtown Wakarusa next to their quilt garden.

This quilt garden was one of two in Nappanee, located  by the Chamber of Commerce.

Coppes Commons in Nappanee is the site of a historic factory and now houses unique shopp and eateries.

The second garden in Napponee is located and maintained by the Coppes Commons.

The first of 3 gardens in Goshen was maintained by the shops and restaurants located in the old Chase Bag Factory, operated from 1910-1982.

Garden located at the Goshen Court House.

A unique police booth built in 1939.

The middle portion of the Court House was constructed in 1870.

The final garden in Goshen was located at the Pumkinvine Nature Trail, which is a rail trail on the former Pumkin Vine railroad.  It connects four area towns.

When we got back to the RV we went and dumped our tanks so nothing nasty would be sitting in there for the duration of its stay.  Krikkit is lucky since she can use the grass, we just have to hold it!  Tomorrow I will show you what else I found in Nappanee.  I think it is my favorite town.  Alas, if it were only in a temperate climate!


  1. These would be even more beautiful taken with a drone camera, but really nice as they are.

    1. Definitely! Maybe I just need to be taller??? Only one we were at had a viewing stand. I included a link to the quilt site. They had drone pictures although I didn't look to see if they were current gardens.

    2. I see I got overconfident and didn't check the link, which I fixed, and now it works. Not sure if some are drone, or just with a camera,not a phone!

  2. The entire area, with several small towns, is a fun place to visit. Lots to see. I'm sure Pat didn't enjoy it as much as I did. It would make a fun girlsctrip.