Monday, December 14, 2020

A pictorial tour of Tropic Winds

After you drive through the gate on the south end of Tropic Winds you will find the main office building.

Below is a mini tour of Tropic Winds RV Resort.  Notice the blowing palm trees.  The wind is always strong here.

Mail area and the large hall, complete with a stage, are located in the office building.  We have been attending outdoor activities only so we haven't been in the hall.

The pool and bath house are adjacent to the office building.  We haven't been in it yet but it appears heated.  It has a maximum capacity at this time and requires reservations. 

Surrounding the block with the office, activities, laundry and various buildings there are park models like these, as well as mobile homes, other housing types, and RV's.  The park models and homes are owned I believe.  RV sites are rented yearly, as well as for shorter times.

The RC track

Boccee ball courts.  All I know about Boccee Ball is it involves balls!  We will have to give it a try.

Shuffleboard--my speed, although I'm not sure what the bowling-like pins are for.

A nice grill and smoker.

Pickleball courts, 2 for recreation and 2 are competitive.   That tells me right there that I'm probably not a pickleball player.

I'm not sure the wood shop is open right now because of Covid.

Haven't seen anything on the schedule here yet.  Maybe the Veterans keep their schedule secret?

Friendship hall can be used for small gatherings.  Looking in I can see a library in here.  Behind Friendship Hall is the office/mail/large hall/laundry.  Inbetween the two is a large grassy area where we had the outdoor movie last Mon.  They also have a lot of outdoor activities in the office area parking lot.

Many owners landscape.

We are on Windy Lane.  We are the first ones down there.  There are a lot of empty spots.  Some people don't arrive until after Christmas, and due to Covid, a lot aren't coming this year.  Parks seem to have dedicated returnees.  The people on the other side of us have been coming to this park for 11 years.

Dog Park on the north end of the park...

and the Bird Park next to it.

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