Friday, December 11, 2020

Cruiser, hybrid, or somewhere in-between?

I'm so excited!!  Giving up our bikes was hard, but with a car that didn't have a hitch made for it, there was little else to do.  We sold the bike rack and one bike, and gave the other  bike to our grandaughter last Feb.  

Last month Pat found a hitch that was finally made for our car.  Bike racks that fit a 1.25 hitch are all but impossible to find right now, however, because of Covid--go figure.  We had to forgo the one we wanted, but found one made in the Ozarks (a Jason Bateman company???-- if you watch Netflix's Ozark) that may even be better for us and it arrived in less than a week.  Pat installed it today.  Any thoughts on the kind of bikes we need, comfort, hybrid, in-between?  I'm not sure but what my back might be more comfortable bent over a little verses sitting totally upright.

It's been warm  in the low 80's the past couple of days with lows at night in the 60's.  The wind, as expected, has switched to the south and it is STRONG!  We might as well get used to it they say.  Our slides have a cover thats rolls in and out with the slide.  I think it is there for protection.  The middle wheel on the one on the south side was squeaking as the wind caused it to move some and it drove me nuts.  Pat put WD-40 on it today and no more noise.  Thank you!

Pat also finished a wood wine rack to put behind the couch.  Have to make use of any space we have.  I stained it and now I have to wait a day to put on polyurethane.  It will hold 4 bottles.  We overnight at wineries a lot with Harvest Hosts so this will be put to use.

In January there is a 6 week (2 times per week) quilting class in our park.  I signed up, if it's safe at that time anyway.  Got me in the mood to get my sewing machine out yesterday.

Had material to make some seasonal masks, although I should have made them a few weeks ago.

So many things to do here.  We were busy yesterday and missed "Name that Tune" social hour (bring your own drinks).  Around lunch today the snow cone truck was here. Every Friday evening they have a golf cart parade through the park.  Preceding tonight's parade they had a golf cart Christmas decorating contest.  Looked to be at least a couple dozen carts participating.  Some had carts decorated, some had costumes, and  some were playing music.  An email said someone didn't confirm the food truck for tonight so that didn't happen (usually every Fri. night).

Santa was checking his list

A  while back I posted a picture of Pat as Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's Cristmas Vacation.  Our youngest son, Chris, found a local beer that he shared with us.  Chris said "Cousin Eddies Breakfast Ale," from the Iowa Brewing Co. in Cedar Rapids was pretty good.

Growing up I couldn't understand my Mom's love of chicken wings.  Too much work for so little.  My favorite meal now?  Hot wings!  My contribution to tonight's meal was beer bread.

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  1. I'm use to a hybrid. My last one was a hybrid and the one before a cross between a hybrid and a road bike. We had talked about about getting cheaper bikes from a box store so we wouldn't have to lock them up. Pat was thinking more comfort style with upright seating but still better to handle hills than a cruiser. I'm not sure my back will be happy sitting upright. Being short I also have frame size to consider.