Wednesday, December 9, 2020

What a thrill to see SpaceX SN8 after it launched!

SpaceX test launch on Weds. from our RV park! The actual rocket is at the tip of the arrow.

Tues. was a welcome relief from the north winds of the cold snap!  In fact it was a rare day period, we were told, with winds only around 5 mph.  Later this week they will switch to the south and become strong again.  Thanks to our planning our RV will block the wind from our patio and also provide nice shade. Took advantage of the high 70's and gave Krikkit a much needed bath and washed the RV awning.  So you don't feel too bad it was in the mid 40's last night.

We took advantage of the low winds and worked on cleaning our awning.  Never roll up a wet awning with leaves in it (back when we were out East in the fall)!  They stain majorly on the top and bottom.☹  We tried an awning cleaner.  It helped, but...  We have a couple of other things to try then we will resort to a bleach solution just on the stains.  The bleach supposedly won't hurt the awning as long as we keep it away from the stitching.  We learn things every day!

When we had a house our morning routine was the same. Pat's alarm (either the clock or the dog) went off at 6:30, feed the dog, Pat let her outside at 7:30 when he left for work, 15-30 minutes later she would "knock" to come in, and she and I would go back to bed for another hour--for many years.  Great routine when we weren't retired AND when we didn't have to go out with her.  Fortunately Pat takes turns with the task.  When it's cold I DO NOT like going out at 6 a.m.

For the most part I "decorated" the RV with what I had.  Going from 2400 sq. ft. to 300 gave me a lot of stuff to work with.  Some things, such as rugs, don't hold up as well with the heavy use of a small space.  I replaced an entry rug this past fall with a cute, fluffy (thought Krik would enjoy laying on it to watch out the door), water absorbing, and dirt catching rug.  Of course she has resorted to her younger years, trying to bunch up anything into a ball.  She caught her claws a couple of times and made them bleed. Thought I finally got her to leave that rug alone. Fast forward to Mon. and we found quite a few small blood spots on the floor.  Thought I was going to have to get rid of that rug but found out it was from a "bum" bum.  Took her to the vet yesterday and she has a cyst back there.  They said (in Covid times any vet we've been to has you wait in your car while they take your pet in) she was very obliging (her normal nature, unless you miss her 4 p.m. dinner time and then she gets very "hangry") and they were able to drain it.  If it comes back they will have to remove it.  It would be out-patient surgery but she would still be put under.  Not something you want to do to a 16 year-old dog if you can help it.

As with most rocket launches, the launch day for the test of the SpaceX SN8 was delayed and finally set for last Friday, the day we were arriving, then delayed to Mon.  Once Elon Musk arrived (he announced he will be moving to Texas) we felt optimistic that the launch was imminent. Being a private venture, launch times aren't released far ahead so you have to look for the signs: road closures, air restrictions and finally rockets starting up.  Looked like maybe it was a go late Tues. afternoon as we were sitting in the vet parking lot for 2 hours waiting on Krik's walk--in appt.  Got a note from Josh about launch time and settled in to watch the launch pad on a web cam and look for the rocket in the sky.  It aborted a couple of minutes before lift off.  We had decided that for this launch we would see what we could  from here in Harlingen.  You can't get real close to the launch site any way,  but a lot of people have been camped out on South Padre Island Beach several days waiting for this.  I think It's pretty close. This test launch is only going up a few miles though, so we may not see it 50 miles away.  We hope to be one of those camping out for a later launch! 

The launch was halted once but was successful the second time this afternoon, Weds., around 4:20 CST.  Nothing, then a big puff of smoke in the southeastern sky and the sun hit the rocket just long enough for us to see it! We did not see it go down, nor did we hear the boom when it crashed and exploded, something that was not unexpected.  After sitting in a grade school classroom at St. Pat's MANY years ago watching the first rockets take off, watching this was amazing!!

Lots of activities at our park, although I think during non-covid times there are more.  We are sticking to outdoor activities.  Mon. night we tried out the two food trucks that are here every Mon.  We had potatoes on a stick and steak tacos.  Then we went to the outdoor movie.  This week's movie was Red Skelton's Christmas skits.  Tonight we went on a poker run.  We were the only walkers.  Everyone else had golf carts or bikes.  We just had a cute dog in a stroller.  She did not help either of our poker hands however!😁♥️

Food trucks

Lots of golf carts at movie night.

Our Christmas Tree


  1. We mail out the last packages today. As my daughter-in-law has said, the season just isn't the same when it seems like summer outside! At our age we'll take the warm weather!

  2. Thanks for the rocket photo. Very Cool!
    Love the colored lights. We had 2 strands to put up this year. Two was not enough.

    1. We use them for Christmas lights but RVers surround the bottom of their to keep pack rats from getting in the engine area.