Sunday, December 6, 2020

Tropic Winds RV Resort

Tropic Winds RV Resort, Harlingen, TX

While at Eric's Pat was very busy!  He successfully used our new macerator, built a cover for the white box behind our couch and stained it so it blends in a little better, installed a car hitch, added carpet pieces to cover the floor area that was damaged when the old couch was removed, installed a new tank monitoring system to hopefully get more accurate readings (still waiting on parts to complete it) added an inverter monitor and inside control for the inverter and charging systems, washed and waxed the RV and did some maintenance. I'm sure I've left some things out!

We appreciated being able to stay at Eric's.  It was nice to be close and enjoy the everyday things.  The first 2 weeks the older girls were in school, but  Clara joined us for breakfast several days.  Some days she came out for a "2nd breakfast."  Sometimes she would come out carrying her own bowl.  Reminded me of my boys when they were little.  My parents would park in our driveway in their RV (they were snowbirds, not full-timers) and 3 little boys would go out and have breakfast with them, often carrying the box of cereal they wanted.

Taking up a lot of space on Eric's driveway but we made it in and back out.

Top display is our original Thor display that controls most everything that came with our RV.  The middle display, I series, is new and enables us to monitor our tank capacities more accurately.  The bottom display is the new inverter controller display.  Pat used to have to go outside to plug this in if he wanted to charge the batteries with electricity, as opposed to charging with solar.  Sometimes there just isn't sun!

We had to "edge" the new couch to cover up holes from the old couch.  We had tape on the Plexiglas (edges were a little sharp) that keeps Krikkit from falling down the stairs but it didn't hold up.  After replacing it a couple of times we decided to try pool noodles.  Seem to work great, so Pat glued them on today to keep them in place.

On Friday it only took about an hour and a half to go from Kingston to Harlingen, TX.  A short day!  It was cold Friday, low 41°, high in the 50's.  Saturday was about the same  except it rained ALL day.  It's beginning a warm up with highs in the low 60's and sun today (Sun.).  With the 16 mph winds out of the north it still feels chilly. 

Last summer we took a lot of time choosing an RV Park to make our winter home for 4 months.  We checked with people on the Thor owners blog.  We had a recommendation there for Tropic Winds.  They warned us that it lived up to its name and there are always strong winds, usually out of the south.  They recommended which way we should face our door when making reservations for a spot.  Very helpful!  We also spent days checking out parks that met our requirements for location, lot size, amenities, activities and policies before picking Tropic Winds.  They are an Encore RV Park and as a first timer we got a good discount for booking 4 months.

Finally got to set up the outside today.  Our wooden name sign needed a little repair  to the  RV window (much easier and cheaper to fix than our actual RV window).  Pat put Christmas lights around the RV.

Everywhere we land Krikkit enjoys the new smells.


  1. FYI - The "Where are the Piepers now" message at the top of your blog still lists Shoreacres TX.
    I checked out the Tropic Winds resort and it looks like a nice place with lots of things to do, if there wasn't a pandemic.

    1. Our hearts are still in Shoreacres??? Thanks for catching that! It does seem like a nice place and more so if there wasn't a pandemic.


  2. Lights you see around the bottom are it outsideb. Inside it's an 18" tree and a smaller one in the bedroom. I have room for one decoration per season!