Friday, December 18, 2020

I'm ready to roll!

Strong, cold Winds made for lots of waves on South Padre Island..

We've spent the week in search of bikes.  It took us west to McAllen and Pharr (twice), and southeast to Brownsville.  From Brownsville we went on to check out South Padre Island.  

Pat said he wasn't picky about bikes.  Maybe, but I found 2.  Someone bought one of them making my decision easier.  Do you see Pat's bike?  Me neither!  We had gotten rid of everything so I got a new helmet too.  In Pat's defense there aren't many men's medium bikes, just as I don't find many smalls.   Also  they are sold out because of Christmas and Covid apparently is affecting the bike industry.

25+ years ago my parents were "snow-birds."  They would leave Iowa on Christmas day, stop at our house, and then head to Pharr, TX for the winter, returning to Iowa in time to file taxes.  One year they headed down early so we drove down to Pharr to join them for Christmas.  On Tues.,  while we were in Pharr looking for bikes, we thought we would look for their RV park, Winter Haven Village Mobile Home Park.  It was still there, but considerably older and worn. It didn't look like I remembered it but Pat, who has a much better memory than I, thought the office building looked familiar.  Mostly park models and mobile homes.  Very few RVs.

Weds. we did curbside for lunch at a highly rated, but very basic Mexican restaurant, El Ultima Taco in Brownsville.  The tacos were outstanding!  Street tacos are small, but these were filled more than usual it seemed with chopped steak, and they came with grilled onions, 3 sauces and limes.  Pat said I had the mildest sauce, but I thought it had a good kick to it.  I hope we go back there.

On to South Padre which was absolutely beautiful!  It was really cold today but worth walking along the beach.  Lots of resorts along the beach of course.  The ocean water looked much cleaner  than the water last winter in Galveston.  They have a county RV park along the beach where I would like to go spend a couple of nights. Maybe even get lucky enough to be there when SpaceX has a launch??? On our way to South Padre Island we think we saw the SpaceX Boca Chica launch site in the distance. 

Thurs. night a food truck was available at our RV park so we enjoyed some Texas BBQ.  Tropic Winds hosted their first big event of the season, the band "The Howlers."  It was a little chilly but we walked up and listened for a short while. They played a variety of music. Krikkit looked very happy to hear the bass.  I could tell she heard because her ears were rotating like dish antennas. Don't see that often any more. She was very attentive sitting in her stroller.

If you don't find relief from pain or other medical problems keep searching.  This past summer I found a chiropractor that practiced ART (Active Release Technique).  After 18 mos. with leg, side, and back pain; several different orthopedists and 2 different spinal specialists; physical therapy, spinal, as well as local injections all with little relief, ART showed me there could be relief.  I had a relapse in Nov. and found no ART practitioners near Houston or here in Harlingen  but found ONE massage therapist near us that does Myofascial Release, which has helped with similar issues in the past. One session and I feel such great hope!

It was cold this past Mon. so the food trucks and outdoor movie got moved to Friday.  Although it's currently in the low 70's,  no sun and strong winds make it seem colder to me so we're going to skip the movie.   We did visit the food trucks and Pat got a Phillysteak sandwich and I got 3 street tacos.  We're sharing a bag of kettlecorn tonight.  We signed up for Netflix for the month (Merry Christmas to us) and have alternately been binge watching Ozark season three and Schitts Creek (we're only on season 2).  There's  a list of others we want to see too.

The jackrabbit are huge and look more like small dogs!  Sorry it's fuzzy. We surprised each other.

Thursday night's view of Jupiter and Saturn.

I went with an entry-level, step-through, light-weight hybrid.  It looks black here but it's midnight blue.

In the distance the causeway connecting South Padre Island.

Lots of cacti.  Signs identified other plants.

Mexican street tacos are small so as to make it easier to eat while walking.  These only had one tortilla, but many times they are served with two corn tortillas so they don't tear when they are piled high with fillings. They are usually served with cilantro in place of lettuce.

My parents wintered here many years ago.

Pat remembered the office building.

The Shuffleboard courts were where I remembered them.

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