Thursday, December 3, 2020

"Grandchildren: my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye." Unknown

Toni makes very detailed, gorgeous cakes that are very delicious too!  Notice the seashells, campfire, sandals, rocks, life preserver rings and sand.  She placed our camper by my favorite spot, the sea!

Sat. we finally had our tea party.  Lilah got out the small doll table Pat's Dad had made and we got dressed up in our finery.  We served warm apple juice, water, cheese and crackers, strawberries, hugs (the chocolate kind), and pastry puffs.  The dolls were once again set up with the miniature tea set.  Lilah had been teaching Clara tea party etiquette, including how to curtsy.  We all had fun.  I enjoy the tea parties more each time, as I know one day there will be no more.  I was given a surprise birthday celebration on Sat. evening complete with a cute, and delicious, cake made by Toni.  

A tradition for nearly 12 years!

One last sleepover with the younger 3 girls Sat. night.  Alexa is on the dinette bed.  Lilah and Clara are up in the bunk.

A  windy day on a very steep roof.  It was cold too..  

It's been raining the past two days and nights.  Cool and miserable out.  The rain continues Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday will be cold, with Tuesday having a high of 59° and low of 36°--brrr!  Eric and Toni are going on a short get-a-way so we are in charge Mon.-Weds.

Toni and Eric took a short trip to Fredericksburg Mon.-Weds.  Sounds like they had a great time.  On our end we had 4 girls.  I always feel honored and thankful when we are entrusted with the grandkids.  All of our grandchildren are pretty perfect, or so Grandpa and I think! ❤  The older three had school and during the day we only had Clara.  Lots of Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, playing outside (inbetween rain), snacks and food from requested "Old MacDonalds." When we played Candyland Clara would ask what color we wanted to be or what our favorite color was,  and she would somehow be red no matter our response!  "What color do you want to be Grandma?  I don't care Clara.  What's your favorite color Grandma?  Red Clara.  Ok I'll be red Grandma and you can be green."🤣

Candyland was a favorite.

Each night one of the older girls picked dinner.  Alexa chose grilled cheese and tomato soup (Mon.), Lilah cheese dogs (Tues., our zoom night with Joshs'), and Emma stuffed french toast (Weds.).  I had never made, or had for that matter, stuffed french toast (my kids and spouses are very good cooks) but I guess I chose the recipe with the most sugar, lol!  With the exception of Clara, it seemed well received.

Evenings were spent with games, movies and a Christmas concert preview (2 nights).  Even if we could stay, they can only bring 2 guests to the actual concert due to Covid.  Lilah just started the trumpet this year, with the trumpet Uncle Josh gave her a couple of years ago.  She was anxious to have us listen and she did a great job.  Emma is 2 years older and an outstanding saxophone player.  Clara even got her Christmas count-down chain made.

Lilah giving us a private band concert.

Clara liked to shuffle our cards by organizing them by color and putting all of the special cards together.

Clara begins to count down to Christmas.

Before bed the younger 3 and I would stay in the house to watch a show while Grandpa and Emma enjoyed X-Men movies in the RV, something the others aren't allowed to watch.

Emma and Grandpa watching  X-Men

We certainly feel blessed with our children, spouses, and of course, grandchildren!  

Thanks to the Walmart in Kingsville, TX for letting us spend Thursday night in their lot.  It's a great area and I imagine it gets a lot of use with it's location.  There is at least one other RV here.  

A view of Houston as we headed out.

A wind farm and wild mesquite

More wild mesquite

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