Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas in our RV park

He did it!

It was in the 80's on the 23rd, winds up to 30 mph, and we needed air conditioning!  It changed Christmas Eve and it was 34° Christmas morning!   By noon it was up near 70°.

On the 23rd our RV park bought a sandwich at the BBQ food truck for the first 100 residents.  Doesn't take much to keep old people happy.  You say "free" and a line forms!  I said before that a lot of people, especially Canadians, have decided not to come down to the Rio Grande Valley this year and, at least in our park, quite a few leave for Christmas.  So, it's a little quiet here right now.

I remember many a Christmas eve staying up late to assemble toys.  First I need to say that this is our first Christmas, maybe ever, with just the two of us. I purchased a bike from a local store last week but Pat ordered his from Amazon.  It was suppose to arrive Dec. 31, but due to the efforts of getting gifts to people before Christmas, UPS delivered it Christmas Eve.  Are you starting to get the picture???  Pat was assembling a bike Christmas Eve!🤣  I want to praise UPS by the way, who delivered all of my packages I sent on time to 2 days early.  Very impressed! 

Our Christmas was pretty quiet.  We biked around the park in the morning, with Krikkit.  We visited with each of our boys and their families, Pat's Mom, and my 2 brothers in the morning via phone, phone video, or Marco Polo.  In the afternoon we were able to zoom with all 3 kids and their families at once.  With all 4 of us on the screen we were kind of small but it was so nice to feel like we were all together!  It made our Christmas a little brighter.  Tonight we played gin rummy.

I went to warm up a piece of pie after our early dinner and forgot to remove the metal racks that were still in the microwave from using the convection oven for dinner.  Actually I'm surprised that hasn't happened before.  I realized it when I went to warm up another piece later and both racks were still in there.  I said a little prayer.  My pie warmed up so I guess I didn't fry anything!

Hanging in our RV are ornaments of Pat and myself made by our daghter-in-law, Toni.  Also, light-activated tree ornaments made by our son, Josh.  All made several years ago but are traveling with us.

Our stockings this year.  I actually have cross-stitched ones for Pat and I but sadly they have not even been started, or even taken out of the package.  I didn't even get the first letter of our name embroidered on these.  I told Pat that "A" was before "P" so mine was first.

Dessert for Christmas eve and Christmas.

Our traditional Christmas Eve Chili.

Krikkit checking out her stocking.

She found a treat!

Krikkit loved her ride Christmas morning, as well as the attention from those we passed.

We had a small dinner Christmas Day evening.  


  1. A high of 70 sounds great. I think we might have got up to close to 20 on Christmas and it was around 30 today. Mike walked outside today but I did my walk on the treadmill. If it wasn't for COVID we would be in Kansas where they had a high of 60 today.

    1. It was beautiful today. Cooled off after sunset so we sat outside around the firepit. Tomorrow in the low 80's.

  2. I hope you both had a milder version with no after affects. Was this a grand or great? Hope she didn't get it.