Friday, December 3, 2021

All's well that ends well!

Pat sent me this !

I realize there was no picture on the link sent out by Facebook yesterday.   It was a problem on Facebook or Blogger's part.  I hope it's fixed.

I know I'm clumsy but I don't think I'm ready for an all-terrain walker Pat!   On our first hike in the desert on Thurs. I tripped (apparently over nothing) and did one of those ungraceful "running falls."  I was concerned about my recently healed arm, but nothing broken, didn't land on any cacti, and only skinned my knee.  OK, it took 2 large bandaids.

Fast forward to Friday.  I go to pick-up supper from the food truck in our Park and I slipped on the rocks and landed just like yesterday.  Nothing broken, but I scuffed up the same knee and both hands.  Of course there were plenty of witnesses. 😳  I need to remember to add bandaids to the grocery list.  The food was delicious!

The Desert Spur trail took us away from our RV Park.  The trails were well used which made them easy to find for the most part.

Pat noticed that the vegetation was taller here than in Phoenix.  If needed, you could maybe find a little shade.

If there weren't actual signs there  might be a painted rock. 

Between our RV Park and Saguera National Park you will find the Prima County Tucson Mountain Park and maybe Brown Mountain.  We made it through a good part of the county park.

Thurs. afternoon we stopped at the Saguaro National Park Tucson Mountain District (West) Visitor Center.

Saguaro became a National Monument in 1933 and a National Park in 1994.  It is home to the largest cacti in our nation, the giant Saguaro.  We hope to hike some of the 40 miles of trails located in the western district.
Where are the Piepers now?  Tucson, AZ

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