Thursday, December 2, 2021

Beautiful skies!

A lot of people were watching the sunset tonight in Tucson!

Dec. 1 we left Casa Grande after a month's stay and headed only 70 miles to Tucson.  We had an 8 a.m. appointment at Lazydays RV service in Tucson.  

Morning skies on our wat to Tucson

There was a recall on our windows.  Turns out their was another recall on cabinet installation. No problem on the windows, probably because Pat had already fixed them.  They did add a couple of screws to the cabinet over the dash.  Wouldn't be fun for it to fall while driving!  

Lazydays was great and had us out in 2 1/2 hours and on our way to Desert Trails RV Park, our home for Dec. We feel so at home here.  Probably the friendliest park we've been to!   After we set up, I decorated the inside for Christmas and Pat put lights outside.

"Pat, get out of bed, it's an emergency," I yelled in a very panicked tone.  I got up early to bake our pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving morning, while it was still cool outside. You know, to keep the RV cooler.

While Chris was here we learned, from him, that when we used the convection oven in the convection/microwave combo we should leave the turntable and it's plastic base in.  Then put the metal rack (that I had been using by itself ) on top.  I was complaining that unless I rotated the food in the middle of the bake cycle there was a hot-spot back in one corner.  I was anxious to try the pie in the oven, rotating.

The oven/microwave is up above and, despite using my stepstool, I didn't get the pie quite centered on the rack.  Oh well, I'll just slide it a little...  Well, the rack slid too and one leg fell off the turntable and, yes, I watched the pumpkin run into the oven, the very hot oven.  A mess to clean up, hindered more by the oven  being hot, but we did it. The pie didn't look like it had lost nearly as much pumpkin as we cleaned out of the oven. I was pleased as the pie did cook evenly.   When Pat came to my aid. His first question was, "Did you get a picture?"  Pretty sure he didn't get a nice look from me!

Where are the Piepers now?  Tucson, AZ


  1. You can have a pie overflow in a regular oven also! I imagine your smoke detector went off as ours did. I actually have made covers for our 7 smoke detectors but was not expecting a pie accident so hadn't put them up! For some reason the high frequency smoke detector sound bothers Mary a LOT more than me1

    1. I don't think the smoke detector did go off. We got it cleaned out right away. I think most days when I have toast it goes off!