Saturday, December 18, 2021

If I stitch fast enough, does it count as aerobic exercise?

Friday's sunset was still not very vibrant due to the type of clouds, but better than yesterday.  Pat is going to get tired of going, but we'll keep trekking out to the open desert until we get a great sunset.  Not going by myself, snakes and desert rats!🐀

Again, the east side of the sky was kind of neat as the sun set.  Almost a full moon.

Near the path we took into the desert tonight.  Looks like someone was having fun.  Like I said we always see something new.

I showed a picture of the snow on Mt. Lemmon previously.  I show it again because at the summit is the University of Arizona's Mount Lemmon Sky Center.  On January 3 of this year a senior research specialist, Gregory Leonard, spotted a new comet from this location.  Comet Leonard was closest to the earth on Dec. 12, although it most likely required a telescope or binoculars to see it.  You may have seen it before, 40,000 and 80,000 years ago. 

Mt. Lemmon

Since I'm short, although I'd have to be a LOT taller, you can't see that these structures serve two purposes for many schools and businesses around Arizona.  Solar cells on top and also parking for employees to help shade their vehicles from the intense Arizona sun and heat.

I use to really enjoy cross-stitch, I think.  A year and a half ago I decided I'd make Pat and I Christmas stockings.  I made some of the felt/sequenced ones for some of the grandkids in the past.  There were a lot of pieces but they were a lot of fun (I wonder if I thought that then?--see next paragraph).  

Chris always says that I "say' I love to paint (rooms not pictures, although I'm giving or going to give that a try), until I'm in the middle of doing it, and then not so much.  Anyway, I found some cross-stitch stockings that were a little smaller than the felt ones AND on sale.  Well, after I got them, they looked overwhelming.  I always seem to get overwhelmed by projects and just can't get started.   Once I get going it usually turns out that they aren't as bad as I thought they would be.

I didn't start the stockings last  year and it looked like they weren't going to get touched this year either.  Spurred by something in our park my "inspiration" hit  last week.  So, the project is started, but unlike most projects, I do not think it's going to be any less stressful than I originally thought!

Day 1: 30 stitches out of close to 25,000.  That would be 833 days, IF I actually did 30 stitches a day and IF I didn't have to rip any stitches out. 
Day 2:  I did close to 30 stitches but had to rip 20 out!☹️.  Sadly, Pat doesn't remember me actually cross-stitching years ago, he only remembers me ripping out stitches.

Not a great picture but the point is I started this at least 35 years ago.  First, I must say that I have completed many cross-stitch and needle-point projects.  This one I still have somewhere in the storage unit.  It is about 1/3 done because I got mad about a large section that was done wrong and needed to be ripped out.  I got it out several times, but...

Day 3:  Went shopping. Failed to complete my 30 stitches. Still 833 days to completion, remembering that I also had to rip out most of day 2😕.  Thinking the 833 days should be revised?

What does this have to do with RV's and traveling?  Quite a but really.  At least it points to some limitations or maybe more like adaptations for working in a very small space that you share.  

I like to be busy so I thought of things I could do in the RV before we moved in.  Reading, cross-stitch and sewing came to mind.  Reading would move to my tablet so no physical books, easy enough. Pat even suggested I bring my rather large sewing machine.  That stores on the floor in my closet and fits on the pull-out table on the dash, easy enough.  But wait, sewing itself and cross-stitching, at least using my methods, is not anything the same in an RV as it was in a home. I remember having little kids and little space (at least I thought it was limited until I had an RV) both requiring me to pick up projects when I wasn't working on them.   But in the RV there is NO space. I would have to pick-up whenever we drove, ate, and slept! 

Sewing works, thanks to Pat.  When we aren't traveling and I have a project selected, the sewing machine and all of it's associated junk just sits on the dash until I feel "inspiration."  Once that happens, I work hard to finish the project, but even small quilts take time.  The bed is where a quilt gets laid out as it comes together, and the kitchen table is the cutting, ironing and everything else center.  Pat watches the TV (above the table) through? me, and eats and naps in the recliner.  

While not as space consuming as sewing, cross-stitching has presented it's own issues.  I was shopping today for a lap table so I could sit in my chair, reclined (no room for a side table) and not at the table blocking the TV, but found something else that I think will work better.

This low profile storage box provides storage for my project and supplies, and I can use it on my lap (closed or openned), haven't actually tried it yet, and contain my supplies, like scissors (don't want to cut my recliner, won't get another).

Oh, by the way, it's COLD here!!🥶  33° tonight

Where are the Piepers now?  Tucson, Az

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