Thursday, December 16, 2021

"Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies." -- Paulo Coelho

No cloudy skies tonight, so the beautiful sunset wasn't there.  When we turned around, however, the mountains looked gorgeous!

This afternoon we headed out for a desert hike and a view of the sunset from the desert.   The sunsets in Arizona are more often than not spectacular!  Wasn't meant to be tonight.   

There's lots of interesting things in this section of the desert (probably BLM land) that connects our RV Park and the Tucson Mountain County Park.  This looks like it faces the sunrise.

Pat didn't get me a walker with all-terrain wheels, but he did get me a set of trekking poles, as opposed to my walking stick. Hoping they help prevent some falls!  So far, so good.

Today we drove to the Santa Cruz River Park to take a short ride on the west section of "The Loop."  This section followed the Santa Cruz River, which was dry today as well as for a good portion of the year.  As of this Dec. The Chuck Huckleberry Loop, or just "The Loop" as it's known, has about 137 miles of paved paths and bike lanes around Tucson. There's still more to be completed. People can enjoy it by foot, bike, skates, or horse.  In 2018 it became a true Loop making a 54 mile circuit  around Tucson.  It is considered one of the best recreational trails in the U.S.

We probably went about 5 miles.  My bike computer wasn't working.  Of course when we get back to the RV it was working just fine.

Where are the Piepers now?  Tucson, AZ


  1. I like my trekking poles. They are nice for steep hills as well as crossing creeks. And come in handy for moving sticker bushes out of the way.

    1. Out here it's cacti! I've had a hiking pole for years but obviously one wasn't enough anymore.