Monday, December 6, 2021

Cabin fever...

so I took off on my own this morning.  

Our niece lived in Tucson for 5 years.  After planning our month in Tucson earlier this year, she just "happened" to relocate.  Something about graduating, but...😉  Although it would be more fun to do things with her, she gave us lots of tips on what to do and where to eat.  Much appreciated.  

I went to Le Estrella Bakery this morning. Wow, they had a display case full of yummy looking cookies, donuts and other bakery items, some things I've not seen before.  On Leah's recommendation I stuck with 2 glazed donuts.  Thought when I got home I'd share with Pat.  Darn he only wanted a taste (I knew that) so now I'm stuffed!  I ended up at a different location than what was recommended, so I guess I'll have to try the other location!🤣 I did find some friends at this one.  Two wanted a ride and 2 wanted money.

We are staying at a waterpark, or rather, what used to be a waterpark. Justin's Waterworld opened in 1989 and closed in 2008.  Sometime before 2008 it was purchased by new owners.  Following the closure the old pools were filled in and it became Desert Trails RV park.

An older view of the RV Park with the water slides still here.

The original owners, the Justin family, had sold the waterworld sometime prior to 2007.  They opened Justin's Diamond J RV Park in 2008 next door to Desert Trails.  They based their new RV Park on "the raw desert," and offered large spots and a quiet park.

Desert Trails, however, was known for it's music and fun.  An investor bought Desert Trails just this year.  All of the musical groups we came here to see are no more, at least for now.  I will say that this is still one of the friendliest parks we've been to and they have a lot of activities. Like most seasonal parks, many people have been coming here for years.   

We are parked right next to the BBQ area and the main hub of all outside activities.

Friday afternoon "The D's" were setting up in the BBQ area for a music event. 

They have weekly bingo, jam sessions, a sewing group, woodworking, exercise classes, a mountain bike and Tuscon loop (a  biking trail that circles around Tucson) group and LOTS more.  It seems like most activities have their own buildings and are spread throughout the park.

Lots of power tools in the woodworking shop

The park is unusual because it was formed around, and parts of the waterpark features were incorporated, into its design.  Until it sold this year parts of the main waterslide were even still here.  RV spots seem a little weirdly placed due to how the waterpark had been set up and the sites are close together.  

Concrete areas and sidewalks from it's waterpark days.

This was the hill where the water slides were located.  

Residents have decorated the common areas.

 Where are the Piepers now?  Tucson, AZ


  1. Looks like lots of tables to set up your sewing machine and have more room to work. Or is it only used for classes?

    1. Weds. 10-4 the sewing group meets. I don't think it's locked but other than that time,if you want to take your machine back and forth you probably can. Since we're going to Boston we're only here 3 weeks so I didn't want to mess with starting something. I saw that is also their jigsaw puzzle room.