Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Pretty sure God was talking to me!

An open-air courtyard surrounded by Tucson shops, restaurants, and services.

Their mission is to support local businesses.

It was the perfect day to sit in the courtyard.
A young lady of 6 or 7 had fun chasing the pigeons.  We gave her a tip for her fine job!

Pat and I shared the Nacho Grande.  It was so good and we were so full!  

We were sooo stuffed but we finally saw the bottom of the bowl.  

They say you always have room for dessert.  With that in mind we headed into the market to begin our search.  There it was:  La Estrella Bakery.  We selected an apple empanada to share.  Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed to say that I have been to all 3 of the La Estrella Bakery locations.

Tucson street car

A stop at Kohls (I had Kohls Cash AND a 40% coupon!!) and then Pat decided to take a scenic route back to the RV Park.  First we were on a road with so many BIG dips it was like being on a roller coaster.  We turned onto Gates Pass Road in Tucson Mountain Park to cross the mountain that was between us and the RV Park.  It tells you something when  a road doesn't allow commercial vehicles or RV's.  The road is very narrow and winds around the edge, and I mean the edge, of the mountain. They even label it as "dangerous."  Big drop offs and white knuckle for me. The flip side was the extraordinary views!


We think the building and the wall were made by the CCC. 

Queens Chicken and Donuts

Sometimes when Pat hits home the GPS wants to take us about 4 miles from our RV Park.  Where does it think we should go?  We decided to find out.  I truly think it was an omen because it took us to an RV Park right next to Queens Chicken and Donuts.  People at our park have raved about Queens, their chicken, donuts, and especially their apple fritters.  Now, we are still STUFFED but like I said it was meant to be, besides I was told by 10 a.m. the donuts are gone.  I go in and there are still donuts AND apple fritters!  A sign from God for sure.  I bypassed the chicken, my favorite powdered sugar donut, and bought an apple fritter.  Now I've never had an apple fritter but Pat and I both were impressed, very impressed!  They are going to have roll me out of this park though!
Where are the Piepers now?  Tucson, AZ

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