Thursday, December 9, 2021

Boca Taco a must in Tucson!

I was hungry and the food at Boca Taco was delicious!

Tuesday we toured Saguaro National Park's west scenic drive.  We went past the Red Hills Visitor Center and took the 6 mile, unpaved, Bajada Scenic Loop.  Lots of Saguaro Cacti!

A Saguara that had died.

We found a dead and downed Sagauro on the short Bajada Wash Trail.

Lots of "washes" to keep what rain they do get from washing out the road.

They road wasn't a problem for our little car.  You can tell by the dirt "wall" along the side that they grade it.

After our Saguaro tour we headed into Tucson for a late lunch at Boca Taco.  We wanted to avoid the crowds.  It was the BEST taco I've ever had!!  Chef Maria Mazon, founder, owner, and executive chef provides authentic Sonoran Mexican Cuisine.  As they advertise, they have a variety of funky salsas.  Chef Maria, by the way, was a contestant on season 8 of "Top Chef" and ended in the top five.

Great recommendation Leah!

I'm not a fan of Margaritas, but Pat got the house Margarita and it was  good.

Pat had a Burro and I had a taco on a corn shell with a Bocca Ball.

"Lock Your Love" sculpture on 4th Ave.

Since we were close, we went to the actual bakery site Leah had mentioned.  

Pat got a Marrinitos, commonly called a Gingerbread Pig.  Interestingly enough, traditional Marrinitos don't have ginger or cinnamon in them but get their flavor from molasses.  Some recipes do use ginger I guess Pat said it tasted like a gingerbread cookie but was thicker.  I got a chocolate donut and a slice of what I would have called a Jelly Roll, but I didn't catch what she called it in Spanish. I was a little disappointed to find coconut in it, but good otherwise!

Weds. morning we took a short walk in the desert just behind our park.  Pat said it is BLM land until it reaches the county park.

Dead cholla (looks like a snakeskin)

Weds. evening Bubba-Que was at our park.  Great food!

My son Eric must have rubbed off on me as I won.

Anyone else ever have a trigger finger?  

I have 2 Trigger fingers on my left hand.  That was the arm I broke, but I didn't notice a problem until a month ago so I don't know if it's related.  I had surgery on one on my right hand a few years ago but I'll give the splints a try at night for 6 weeks.  The one on my right hand got to where I couldn't bend it all and it wasn't the finger you'd want sticking up!
Where are the Piepers now?  Tucson  AZ

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