Wednesday, March 20, 2024

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." ~~Maya Angelou

Pat told me to stick my head in. I had no idea what was on the other side.  Do I need to fear for my life?

Just a side note. We were told there are two weeks of spring break, this being week #2. I don't know if it's the cooler and damp weather or there aren't as many visitors but so far this week is a lot quieter.

It was a beautiful, although breezy and chilly, day to check out the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center in Port Aransas. Well, ok, chilly for here, 65°. We're used to visiting bird sanctuaries and seeing one bird, if we're lucky. At the National Butterfly Center in Mission, TX we saw maybe TWO butterflies. What  a delight to see so many birds on Monday. It was a beautiful preserve. 

The Birding Center has a pollinator garden and large trees in the front followed by two boardwalks with viewing platforms. At the end of the longer boardwalk there was a trail connected to the Nature Preserve at Charlie's Pasture South Trail (1 1/2 miles). We didn't have time today but I hope we can go back and follow the trail. There were so many birds including a Green-Winged Teal, Great Heron, American White Pelican, Stilt, and more. We even saw their one alligator. Wooly worms were populous.

Lots of wooly worms.

If I had this lens I would get some really cool pictures. 

This house was soooo PURPLE!

I have found approximately 153 Farley Boats. I'm not searching any more but occasionally I come across another one. 
Where are the Piepers now? Port Aransus, TX