Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Sometimes the strangest things happen!

This time it was a good thing, actually 3 good things. We arrived last Friday in Port Aransas and are staying in a small RV Park (45 sites), Surfside RV and Resort. A nice park about 1/2 mile walk to the beach and out of the busy part of Port Aransas. 

1)Sunday night I was checking the distance from the beach to our park and ended up walking back with another RVer from here.  They live in Oelwein, IA and she ZZdid gymnastics,  just a "few" years ago with one of my college roommates.  

2) Monday afternoon a lady stopped by with a cat stroller. Quilting was mentioned and come to find out she is in the same quilt guild in Hannibal that a friend of mine is in.

3) Then this is the biggie! The neighbors next door, from Minnesota, were chatting with us. Not sure what brought it up, but he graduated in 1971 from OHS in my hometown of Ottumwa, IA. Next question I always ask is which side of town were you from. Quite a rivalry between north and south sides! South he said and his wife just  happened to mention he lived on Friendly Lane, where I lived. Hmmm! As soon as I asked his name I said we don't live catty corner anymore we're right next door. Then it hit him too! Although he was closer to my brothers age we  grew up on Friendly Lane and our parents were friends. They moved before I hit high school age and, although our parents remained in contact, I probably haven't seen Brent since he moved. 

Three wonderful happenings that fall into "it's a small world!"

Pat said SALLY should have seen "Seashells by Seashore."

Where are the Piepers now? Port Aransas, TX

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