Sunday, March 31, 2024


Another Farley Boat that I somehow missed. 

the occurrence of meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained by cause and effect alone. Were they just coincidences or was the universe trying to tell me something?

Staying in a small RV Park in Port Aransas, TX and finding out your next door neighbor was actually your neighbor in the town in Iowa where you grew up, but hadn't seen in 50 years. Later finding out you both spent a month together in another small RV Park in Galveston two years ago but didn't meet.  Another person knew your college roommates. And yet another is in a quilt guild with a friend from a Missouri town where you raised your family.  3 coincidences from 3 different times of your life, all in one park. Certainly food for thought! 

It certainly took me back to my youth. Brent and I both agreed we had the idealistic childhood. A time when things were different, simpler, and safer. Your days were spent outside. I could go to the pool or library (on my bike, alone), go out in the morning and play till lunch or the bell hanging in the garage rang for supper.  You and your parents knew your neighbors and everyone looked out for one another. We could play various versions of hide 'n seek or tag after dark, hiding in neighbors yards, without fear of being kidnapped, shot at, or chased away. We were cared for, loved, and guided, yet responsible for our own entertainment and our actions. 

We seem to have made it through Covid and isolation. Our final week at Port Aransas.

I just can't get over this house. 

Dylan's Coal Fired Pizzaria is located within its own community in Port Aransas, Cinnamon Shores North.   

As well as restaurants, Cinnamon Shores has a full line-up of activities and events.

We picked our Easter menu and headed to Robert's Point Park to watch the Dolphins, ships in the Channel, and lots of fishermen (and women).

No longer, we leave Monday!
Where are the Piepers now? Port Aransas, TX

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