Sunday, March 24, 2024

In an RV we share---EVERYTHING!

Brown Pelican

Last week we visited the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. Inside the Patton Center to the right were aquariums with local sea life and to the left displays and interactive activities.

Sheepshead have several rows of powerful teeth. Someone here at the park said they look like human teeth. 

Oyster Reef

Trash turtle

Maybe a whale bone???

The Aransas Pass Lydia Ann lighthouse, near the Lydia Ann Channel, was a ferry ride away in Aransas Pass. Located on Harbor Island, the only way to get closer is by boat. It is privately owned and not generally open to visitors however.

Completed in 1857 the Confederate and Union forces battled for it's control. In 1862 Confederate troops, under General Magruder, blew up the upper portion. After the war, like many other Texas lighthouses, it was rebuilt but often suffered damage from Hurricanes. It was deactivated in 1952 when a new light was established at the Port Aransas Coast Guard Station. It was purchased by Charles Butts, CEO of the H-E-B grocery store chain, in 1973. He restored it and in 1988 it was relit. Today it still has live-in caretakers and is the only manned lighthouse on the Texas coast.

On a clear night the light from the Lydia Ann Lighthouse can be seen 15 miles away.

We've had some beautiful weather this past week. 

A busy week in the park. On Weds. our rv park treated us to The Hot Dog Lady. Friday night was a Mexican carry-in.

We always knew that if one of us gets sick with anything it's likely the other one would too, 1 bathroom, maybe 300 sq. ft. We have been pretty lucky.  My son said that statistics indicate that a very large part of the population has had Covid whether they know it or not. I guess I've bragged one too many times that we've not had it, to my knowledge anyway.

Well, the tides have changed. Covid hit both of us Sat. and we're stuck in that 300 square foot space together, but at least we don't have to worry about infecting each other, lol. 
Where are the Piepers now? Port Aransas, TX

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