Sunday, March 10, 2024

Thanks to our Granddaughter Lilah for leading us to The Coffee Mugg


Last week we went to Corpus Christi to do some shopping. We started the day at a fun coffee shop, The Coffee Mugg. Pretty sure Lilah knows everything about Harry Potter. I do not, but I have read the books. 

Red star was me, blue star Pat.

We enjoyed our drinks in the Slytherin area.

HUGE jackfruit at HEB

On our way back, after acrossing the bridge to the island, we found a fun beach store. 

On Saturday the beach area across from us may have had a few "spring breakers," but mostly just families and us old people

It was a little chilly. In the mid 60's, maybe, but at least the sun was out. Notice the difference in old people dress above and those celebrating spring break. 

On the area around us the lifeguard stands, with lifeguards, were out.

Past the posts, marker 20, vehicles are allowed to drive anywhere on the beach and this is where you start to find "spring breakers." Haven't gone down to #35 yet but that is supposedly where the heavy partying starts. 

I've found over 100 of the Farley boat planters now. Pat drove me around to some areas today but the majority I've found on my daily walks.

Where are the Piepers now? Port Aransas, TX

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