Monday, March 4, 2024

"There is always something beautiful in a foggy day, even if it's just the absence of everything else." ~~Atticus

What a foggy morn!

Sunday we drove 14 miles to Mustang Island State Park. So named for the wild horses that roamed this area for several hundred years. They aren't sure how they got there but by the late 1800's they were all gone. 

Next week begins college "spring break." Not sure how much that will affect us but I'm sure it will. This island, with a bridge on one end and a ferry on the other, has 18 miles of beach. 

Pat said Palm Beach is missing a number!

Pelicans are big birds.

We went a little further up the beach and had lunch before returning to the state park. 

A view of the campground from the Mustang Island Visitor's Center.

Feels hotter than it says! Notice how close the highs and lows are.

The Yuccas pink flowers were ready to open.

The fog was starting to lift as we headed the other direction on the beach after lunch

Where are the Piepers now? Port Aransas, TX

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