Saturday, October 17, 2020


Krikkit's tether

Beeeeeep!  Heard it momentarily when Pat was getting gas, and then again when we started driving.  As with all sounds that are unusual, it's short and then silent when I get up to look for it.  

Our RV has a built-in carbon monoxide/propane detector.  Not that I don't trust it, but I read that other RVers keep a battery operated one in the front and rear, so I did that too.  Didn't sound like that one was beeping, but I brought the rear one up front just in case.

A longer drive for us today so my mind is working in overdrive to keep me entertained.  

Krikkit is tethered from the bottom of the passenger seat to her harness.  There's enough slack so she can turn around and reach her water, but hopefully the tether would keep her from being thrown around the RV or through the window in case of a sudden stop or accident.  As she circles to find a comfy spot on her bed the tether gets  tangled around her, so my job is to detangle her.  

If you're  not a dog lover you might want to skip this paragraph.🙂  As far as I'm concerned the following is one of the reasons you don't accept doggie kisses on your face.  Pat commented that she's circling around a lot more to try and get comfy.  I don't relate to the "circling"  but I relate to trying to get comfy. This morning she was circling because it was time for her to "bathe" her girlie parts and stuff.  Since her arthritis is getting worse, Krikkit doesn't always have the strength in her hind legs to hold her back end in place as she curls around and tries to reach it, so she makes more revolutions.  I assist with resistance on the back legs/end, not the actual cleaning of those parts though, when needed.   I told Pat she needs a rear-end extension, or better yet, as he said, "a longer tongue."  So now I've got the giggles picturing a tongue extension.  Sorry Krik!  I'll have to give her an extra treat for laughing at her expense.  

OBX campground at Kill Devil Hills, NC will be our home for a week. First we crossed a very long bridge to Roanoke Island,  then to Pond Island, then to Cedar Island, and then to Nags Head.  Kill Devil Hills is north of Nags head.

It has been hot and humid but it is much cooler here. High was in the low 70's.  We did not locate what was beeping.  I'm sure it's waiting until the middle of the night to beep again!

OBX campground

A historic cemetery in the middle of the campground.  Maybe we should go on walk there after dark??

The cemetery was small with maybe a couple dozen headstones.  Most were from the early 1900's and this one was the newest by far.

Looking down at our RV from the historic cemetery. 

Jockey's Ridge State Park is near Nags Head and has sand dunes.  Not sure if this dune is part of the state park or not.

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  1. Beautiful today. Sunny🌞, breezy🍃, and 70°! Just sitting outside and enjoying it.