Thursday, October 1, 2020

🎶Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah River...🎶

Looking down from where we parked for the night is the lavender garden with the mountains in the background.  The store is on the left

Only we're in Virginia tonight, not West Virginia!  Anyone know who sang this song???

This was the longest, short day!  Our morning started out slow. ☹  33 miles in an hour due to construction. Then further down Interstate 81 South it was totally closed for some reason, so we had to detour here and there for a long time.  Thought we'd be at our place for the night around 12:30, but it was closer to 2:30.

Last year we had to scrap our visit to Shenandoah National Park due to fog.  We couldn't even enter the park it was so foggy.  After we parked the RV today we drove an hour back and entered Shenandoah NP.  We took Sky Line Road on Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was late afternoon, since we were later due to road slow downs, so we went about 15 miles in and turned around.  There are 75 overlooks in the 105 mile Sky Line Drive so we were able to stop at several.  

It was so worth trying again this year.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are simply amazing!!!  Can't wait to come back and spend a couple of weeks, or more, taking the entire drive.

Thank you to Brian, Penny and their dogs Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Molly, Scooby-Doo and Susie at Lavender Fields at Tantivy Farm, our Harvest Hosts tonight.  This is the most beautiful place we've stayed.  The views of the mountains are outstanding and the lavender farm is equally as beautiful.  We can't thank them enough for sharing this with us and others!  All 5 dogs won my heart!  They sell their items at Farmer's Markets and have a store on the farm.  People are encouraged to stroll the grounds (there are themed gardens as well as the lavender garden) and relax.

We also went through Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia today.

Blue Ridge Mountains (part of the Appalachian Mountains)

Looking down on the lavender garden with the store to the left and mountains in the background.

Susie walked down the hill with us tonight.

Talk about hospitality!  I opened the door tonight and one of the dogs left Krikkit a toy to play with I guess. 

A welcome from Scooby- Doo. 

The store has a nice variety of lavender products and scents.

Looking toward the horse pasture

From our RV (Pardon my hair, it windy today AND I need a real haircut)

I get to scratch off the 8th National Park on our map.

Not sure about the scenery,  but Krikkit found some pretty good smells.

Since we began our journey I had been keeping track of our milage, gas expenses, etc. on paper.  Weds. night I finally made a spread sheet.  Should be easier to enter and track that information. Despite putting it off for a year I have at least half of the info entered.

Walking through the lavender garden was very relaxing.  Do something today that you find relaxing.


  1. What spreadsheet do you use? I was using Excel, but now they want me to buy a very expensive program.

    1. Comparable to Microsoft Excel, which we don't have anymore, is Google Sheets. They have docs, comprable to Word. They are free,but they might need internet Pat said. We didn't want to pay for Microsoft products. I'm not sure if I like them as well but now that I've used them more I think it was just getting use to them.

  2. Fog is always a concern here. I told Pat that when we come back we need to be off season. With as many people as we've seen at other parks there weren't many here.