Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I won't get one (just the lots are over $200,000 ) but I love the colorful beach houses.

I love the colorful beach houses.

 On Tuesday we went up the coast checking out several beaches.  Next week we will be staying at a campground in northern North Carolina.  Monday we traveled south from our campground and we began checking out some beaches in northern South Carolina, as well as the lower to middle beaches in North Carolina.  Why are we spending so much time on these beaches?

Well, we were in North Carolina several years ago (tent camping), and we both liked it immensely.  Wouldn't this be a great place to live when we are done traveling?  Well, we are doing a more in depth study now to see if we still think that we want to end up here.  

Krikkit has made a good recovery from her seizure.  She hasn't had another one so far.  All of the leg movements during the seizure must have caused her to hurt the leg with the most arthritis though. I hope rest helps it.  Her smeller wasn't affected, nor her appetite!

These trees looked like they belonged in the wicked witches forest!

Wilmington with a population of 120,000 people.

Drifted sand took out the wooden walkway to the beach.  Many of these walkways are private but this was a public one.  There is a fine for anyone walking on the dunes.  The sand you see at the bottom is not part of the dunes but must have blown here during a storm.  Several streets had huge piles of sand that must have blown in front of the first row of houses.


  1. Ohhh my. I see why you would want to come back and possibly long term. I'm sorry to hear about Krikkit. Like had periodic ones his last few years. Some dogs have one and then don't have any for a long time or ever Prayers for Krikkit.

    1. We like it here and the weather is more temperate. It will be a while before we need it but its fun looking. I hope that was Krikkit's only seizure.

  2. The beaches look nice, a little like the Florida panhandle with the dunes. I'm ready for a beach vacation!