Thursday, October 22, 2020

"Let's go fly a kite, Up to the highest height!"

What a grand morning!  Sometimes it's the simplest or smallest things that bring the most joy, and in this case, also memories.  We went back to Jockey's Ridge State Park this morning, and yes, flew a kite.  We watched several hang gliders.  It looked like they each might have had an instructor that held on to a tether to keep them from flying away, so they didn't go far off the ground.  Several other people were flying kites and, like us, just walking around the dunes. The weather was perfect, upper 60's, sunny, and breezy.  We finished the day with the best smoothies at "The Spot."

No need for these on the dunes!  

 A view of the sound

The ocean side

Bob's grill opened in 1994 just down the road from it's current location.
The owner, Bob McCoy, would walk around the popular and crowded restaurant and urge any lollygagging locals to "Eat and get the hell out!" so they could seat more customers.  This became their slogan.  They serve breakfast and lunch.

Pat had a crabmeat omelet, hashbrowns and onions, and rye toast

Geared towards vacationers, this Ben Franklin had mostly beach items  and souvenirs.  The mural that was on the entire front of the large building was neat.


  1. The high here today was around 80 degrees but it had rained a lot last night so we chose the Edddyville Sand Dunes to hike since the path is rocked. It doesn't compare to the dunes where you are but I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather before it turns cold with highs only in the 40s and 30s for the next week. Wish I were by the beach! Have fun!

    1. It doesn't matter where, I think you just feel better getting out! We have to start heading towards Indiana on Sat. Colder weather coming up.

  2. Many times when Pat came home after work I would be waiting at the door holding one with 2 other boys hanging on me. I'd pass them off and go to Ben Franklin and just sit there for a while reading craft books!

  3. 🤣 Yep, I can sooo relate and I only had 3. I am sure it was preChris, but I decided to go Quincy's or maybe it was JC Penny's "Christmas in July." Penney's was still downtown and it was HOT outside. Josh was a toddler and Eric barely was. I told Pat that they loved playing in the kiddie pool. Told him Eric didn't need a diaper because I read somewhere he wouldn't poop in it. I got home and the house had every window open. I probably was gone 3 hours or so. My advice wasn't very good. While Pat was cleaning the pool out, Josh stuck the water hose up the fresh air vent that went to the basement. While Pat was cleaning up the water down there, Josh climbed up on my tall dresser and dumped my very expensive and potent perfume in his bronzed baby shoe. Cyanamid use to own a perfume company and sold the good stuff in the company store. So despite the heat, the house had to be opened. We had to go out for dinner. I never got another bottle of the perfume either. The bronzed shoes went to Josh's when we got rid of everything. When we were just there I sniffed the one shoe and it still smells of the perfume!