Monday, October 19, 2020

Jockey's Ridge State Park

sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge State Park, NC

The Wright Brothers National Monument in Kill Devil Hills, is about 3 miles east of our campground.  Four miles south of there is Jockey's Ridge State Park.  We visited both on Monday.

Orville and Wilbur Wright chose this area for several reasons, it had steady winds, high sand dunes to glide from, sand to land in, and limited obstructions. It is a very majestic 60', granite monument.  There is also a visitor's center and a sculpture of the first plane.  Krikkit walked all the way to the top of the hill with the monument.  

Jockey's Ridge State Park in Nags Head is the tallest active sand dunes system in the eastern United States.  Hang gliding is popular here, as well as kite flying.  Forget your kite? Plenty of places selling them! With Krikkit we stuck to the Boardwalk.  I think we'll try to go back without Krikkit to do some more exploring on the dunes and trails. Hang gliding, however, is NOT on my bucket list!  It would be fun to watch others though.

Wright Brothers National Monument

sculpture of the first plane

There was a beautiful view up on the hill with the monument.  The visitor's center is in the foreground on the left.

The one place Krikkit's stroller doesn't move very well is on loose sand.  I think she looks ready to evacuate if necessary!

We drove north Sunday, heading towards Corolla.  Not nearly as many condos or multiple units here as there were further south. The ones we found seemed more expensive too.  It was really windy today, not sure if that's normal or not.

I think this is the beach at Kill Devil Hills.  Lots of big waves.

The first town house we drove by in Kill Devil Hills was $265,789. It was 2 bedrooms, 2 bath and a few rows back from the ocean. It had 990 sq. ft

This end-unit townhouse in Corolla is 3 bedrooms and 3 bath and listed at $274,900.  It lists an ocean view and had 1500 sq. ft., more than we would need.

Highly rated Carolina BBQ joint in Corolla.  Pat and I shared a pulled pork platter.  It came with 2 sides of our choice.  I ordered the hush puppy basket, but 2 hush puppies came with the meal which would have been plenty.  The pork was very good and a little spicy.  The french fries were how I liked them, well done.  I'm with Pat, the BBQ sauce was good but nothing special.  Oh, and the hush puppies?  Wonderful!!

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