Sunday, October 11, 2020

 At the end of this month we will finally go to Topeka, IN and they will install our theater seating.  My back can't wait!  At the same time, our RV seems much more spacious without anything in that spot, particularly when we are traveling and have the slide opposite of it retracted.  The new seating will actually stick out 2-4" more into the hallway than the original couch, which will make walking through the coach with the slide in tighter.  With the foot rest out all of the way it will be tight walking through the hallway even when the slide is out. We feel comfortable recliners will make it worth it!

When we took out the original couch we had to get rid of part of the storage that was underneath it (it was actually basement storage).   It won't show a lot because it is back a ways, but when the chairs are reclined I don't want to see the bare wood in front of the white box.   Originally we decided to go with a peel and stick vinyl tile.  I knew we wouldn't find an exact match, so it was more choosing one that blends in.  We hoped the tiles could be purchased individually since we only need 8 tiles, but it turns out we would have to buy a whole box. Pat thinks that a flooring store might have a remnant that will work.

This space is where our couch use to be.  It adds a lot of space to our coach.

Pat built the dark cabinet to cover the hole in the wall that goes to the furnace area.  We have a vent on the front and an opening in the side to allow for return air to the furnace.  The cabinet will also serve as an end table.  The new couch will go up against the cabinet and nearly over to the steps.

This is the 2x4" area that will need flooring.  The white cabinet covers the small piece of extended basement we need for several reasons.  First,the basement doors under it go to the top of the white cabinet.  The hinges for the door are in the white cabinet, there is also a furnace duct and outlet that are in there, and finally we have a slide out upper tray in the basement that we would have a hard time getting things out of without this space.

We thought this color blended well.  We decided to look for something else rather than buy a case with 30 some tiles.  That is part of our task this week.

Cherry Grove Beach, North Carolina
big waves today

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