Monday, October 12, 2020


Over the weekend our 9 year-old granddaughter took an unconventional route out of their treehouse.  Found out today her arm is broken.  It doesn't require a cast but she will be in a splint brace for 6 weeks.  She's a little monkey so it will be a hard 6 weeks for her.  According to her, the worst part is she can't participate in P.E. class.  Fortunately it's her left arm and she's right-handed.

About 4:30 pm Krikkit looked like her rear leg just collapsed and her backside just fell down.  By the time I got to her I realized it was the start of a seizure.  That's the first one she's had and it was very alarming at the time.  I remember our middle son, Eric, having a febrile seizure when he was little and it seems like it lasted forever.  Krikkit's seizure seemed to go on and on, but we think it lasted about 5 minutes, but of course she was confused and things weren't working quite right even after it stopped.  Pat held her head and comforted her while I called a vet.  Doctors for all of us are hard to find and get appointments for on the road.  Fortunately I found Ocean Isle Veterinary Hospital which was about 15 minutes from our campground.  They told me what to do during the seizure and fortunately Pat was already doing it.  They said we could bring her in once the seizure stopped.  Not much they could do though since this was her first seizure.  He said it may be the only one or their could be others.  No meds unless the seizures become regular or cause her harm. He said she had already recovered from the postictal phase (the period after the seizure) .  Definitely not herself, she has paced constantly and it looks like she might have hurt her arthritic leg during the seizure.  

We spent a good deal of today checking out beaches and towns south of us going into South Carolina.  I think we agree that the Cherry Grove Beach area was our favorite.  It's in North Carolina not far from our RV park.  The Cherry Grove Beach area wasn't as commercialized as some of the others, such as Myrtle Beach.  Today we stopped at two beaches, Ocean Beach and Garden City Beach.  Tomorrow we will head north to check out some more.

People were enjoying Ocean Beach

Lunch:  Fried Clam Plate (dog kibbles for Krikkit)

Garden City Beach

The water felt good.

When we got back from the vet Krikkit laid down on her bed for about 2 minutes.  She has now been pacing the RV for over 2 hours.

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  1. It was a clean break so that was a good thing. Krikkit hasn't had another seizures today---yet. We hope she has no more