Thursday, October 15, 2020

Surfside City had some good waves coming in.  It was our first stop on Weds. and not nearly as many people here as other beaches had on the previous days.

We have toured so many beaches this week, maybe 16?  Monday we went from Sunset Beach, NC down to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Tuesday found us starting at Holden Beach, NC and going up to Wrightsville Beach, NC.  Weds. we started at Topsail Beach, NC and ended the day at Emerald Isle.

At 12:30 on Thurs. we met a realtor to tour a condo in Cherry Grove Beach.  It was on the 16th floor,  I am not fond of heights!  I didn't go out on the deck but I'm sure I would get use to it, well, maybe I would!  Don't tell the realtor, but we just wanted to see inside one.  No, we're not buying one in the near future.  We picked Cherry Grove Beach because it was one of our favorites beaches so far.  As far as the condo went, I wasn't impressed.  Like most condos around there it has been rented out for years and would need some, or maybe a lot of, renovation.  We stopped in Calabash on the way home for lunch.  We shared a large lunch special with flounder, prepared Calabash-style, hushpuppies that weren't in a normal round shape, and coleslaw.  It was excellent!  Included was a butter-cinnamon spread that I think was for dipping the hushpuppies in, or at least I did, and they were yummy. Calabash-style seafood, by the way, is lightly breaded and fried and originated in Calabash, NC.  They use cornmeal instead of flour.

Next week will have us camping on the outer banks and touring beaches along the middle and upper shores of NC.

They had some high winds at some point at Surfside City as the steps on the boardwalks that cross the dunes were buried.

One of the many condos that line the beaches, along with houses.  This is at Surf City.

Topsail Beach

Fisherman, sunbathers, waders, and swimmers at Topsail Beach.

We were limited in our choice of stick on vinyl.  Pat's doing a little dance to make sure they stuck well.  I hate to say he was probably right but once the new couch is there, even with the foot rest up, it won't be visible.


  1. We usually split meals unless we're looking to have leftovers. I eat a lot of small meals and also I'm a very picky eater!

  2. Just curious...what are they asking for the condo you looked at?

  3. Just curious...what are they asking for the condo you looked at?

    1. $249,000 with an ocean view and was 1166 sq. ft. It was 2 bedrooms, two baths and pretty standard amenities,like pools, an exercise room, etc. Neither of us remember what the HOA fee per month was but Pat thinks it was pretty high. Since it needed work, or I thought it did, it was more than we would pay.