Saturday, May 15, 2021

A beautiful night

Nice to see familiar faces, Shashi, Pat, Sheryl and Dave
Wednesday night was a little chilly but the sunshine made it seem pretty nice.  Pat was able to catch up with some of the people he worked with in KC.  Pat made chicken chili, cornbread, and a peach cobbler, all delicious.  

Most of our week was spent attempting to get doctor visits taken care of.  We had a few insurance issues to deal with and the Independence, MO Cosco was very helpful in getting an eyeglass problem resolved.

A trip to Hawg Jaw for a few bottles of "Mama's Spicy" BBQ sauce.

Longview Lake campground is pretty, clean and large sites. We enjoyed our stay

We decided next year we need to devote 2 weeks to Lee's Summit.  Too much to do in a short amount of time.  We enjoyed seeing what's changed in a year, new houses, shopping areas and, sadly, store closures. It did feel like we were back home!

 Tomorrow:  Missouri Star Quilt Company 

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