Friday, May 7, 2021

Wine and Chocolate 😍

THIS is why you take your husband along shopping!

We left Amarillo Thursday morning.  Three boondocking nights, all Harvest Hosts,  before arriving in Kansas City on Sunday.  Flying W Guest Ranch was Thurs. night after a 140 mile drive.  They offered Harvest Host members hook-ups for $10/night.  We passed on that.  They also had a steak dinner for $25 and horseback riding.  We passed on those too.  Turned in early and headed out early Fri. morning.

Flying W Guest Ranch had cabins.

The owner's house and farm.

It was 256 miles Friday to Prarie Rattler Vineyard and Winery.  After we got set up we gave Rick (Hammer) a call and went over for generous wine tastings.  It is an "intimate little winery that produces small-batch, hand-crafted wines" all from Oklahoma grapes. Rick and Paula opened the Winery in 2007.  If you have a hankering to own a winery this one's for sale.

Rick was a joy to meet and had lots of stories to share about the area.  Their Whizbang Red wine was  named after a local ghost town. One story, among others, is Whizbang got its name from a local prostitute.  At any rate, in the 1920's and 30's it was one of the rowdiest oil field towns in OK.  OK is still a big oil producer, you just don't see the pumps because they are underground in wells.

We told Rick we were going to The Pioneer Mercantile. We were going to wait and go for breakfast on Sat. but changed our mind when Rick said Saturday mornings were pretty busy.  He said we might see some famous people, as Martin Scorsese's big-budget movie adaptation,  "Killer of the Flower Moon," was currently filming in Pawhusky.  That would include Robert Di Nero, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jesse Plemons and Lilli Gladstone, as well as Scorsese.  The adaptation is from a 2017 best-selling book about the Osage Indian murders and one of the biggest conspiracies ever.

It appears they were shooting out of town this week.  The town itself wasn't quite ready.  They were still working on the building facades on one whole block.  Before shooting the road would be covered in dirt. I will be anxious to see the movie when it comes out.

The Mercantile had plenty of business  but really wasn't too bad around 2 on Friday.  I must go back for breakfast sometime to try their Blueberry White Chocolate Pancakes!  We brought our "Lupper" back to the RV to eat.

I thought they had nice bathrooms, lol.

The bakery

Bakery seating

The movie crew was working on the building facades.

She probably doesn't care about the container but Krikkit got a present from the Mercantile.

To go with the theme the croissant was chocolate too.

It's a lovely Vineyard, with a  beautiful breeze on a 70ish° night.  

The tasting room

Oil rigs and a wind farm across the road.

Pat and I both have about one nerve left and it's wearing thin for both of us. Sharing 200 Sq. Feet doesn't help.  He's tired from driving.  Today was a long day with road construction where we barely fit on a one-lane bridge.  Then, someone made him go to the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile, which wasn't high on his list of to-do's. Then our solar charge controller had an issue again, 3rd time and 2nd time this week.  It has to be sent in before they will send another one and, of course, an intermittent problem means it probably won't occur when they are looking at it.  When you are traveling all of the time having something sent to you isn't always easy either.

I have had one of the more severe migraines I've had the past 2 days, with nothing relieving it, and normally my migraines last about 4 days, which may leave 2 to go.  I had to take the maximum number of migraine meds allowed yesterday which made my blood pressure sore, unless it was high to begin with and caused the headache, so other meds to counter that.  Lots of allergy meds in case sinuses were involved,  and let's just say, I've spent a couple of days in bed--no lights or ANY sounds please (only I might not have asked that nicely)!  Going out in the wind not a possibility so Pat had to take care of our elderly dog, who has her nights and days confused, by himself last night.


  1. I see you are in Oronogo,MO tonight. Angela was going to a church there while they were still living in Frontenac.
    I hope your headache gets better sooner rather than later. Ask Lincoln about headache from extremely high blood pressure.
    Looking forward to seeing you in about a week.

    1. Small world! Yeah I'm still not sure if it was a chronic migraine combined with pain or the double dose of migraine meds that caused the high blood pressure, or if the high blood pressure caused the headache/migrain. I've had it both ways. It was 156/96ish yesterday and this morning but the top number was down to 118 this afternoon. The BP meds took it down yesterday. I need to check it again tonight.