Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Do you believe???

I think McDonald's, with it's Playland housed in a UFO, takes the prize.  

Roswell is full of aliens and UFOs.  Most businesses host one, and many take advantage of selling them.

In July of 1947 something crashed near Roswell, NM.  Was it a weather balloon or was it a UFO?  Many residents at that time claim to have seen the crash site and even aliens.  Many claim that the government swept in and covered it up.  Whether it is fact or fiction, this town of nearly 48,000 makes a business out of it.  Below are just some of the alien and UFO sightings around town.

Too many car and city lights to capture McDonald's night UFO lights.

Leaving McDonald's drive-thru you see this mural on the side and back of the building next door.  Can you find Ronald McDonald and other McDonald's items in the mural?

Next to McDonald's is like a dream-come-true if you ask me, Dunkin' Donuts AND Baskin and Robin's.  

Look closely at this photo and the one below, and you will notice Jim's got in on the act too

This circa 1934 Sinclair Station was renovated for Roswell's Visitor Center.

A downtown mural

A gift shop

Not a lot in the museum you couldn't find on-line, but parts were interesting.

Pioneer Plaza is next to the Visitor's Center.

Statue of John Chisum a famous cattle-baron of the west.

Chaves County Courthouse was built in 1911.

A co-educational college prep and junior college serving over 1,000 students across the world.

It was a huge campus and many buildings resembled castles.

Our RV Park

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