Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Pat survived, and maybe liked, the art museum?

We met some new friends at the museum.

Monday was a full day.  We went to the International UFO Museum and The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, both in Roswell, and 15 miles away to Bottomless Lakes State Park.

The UFO Museum  was a lot of text, which could have just as easily been obtained on-line.  We went early hoping to avoid crowds.  It was very big and, with a lot of it involving reading, it wasn't easy to social distance.  We looked at a few displays but didn't even stay 30 minutes.  Although the possibilities were interesting, neither of us were excited with the museum.

Some suggest that some petroglyphs portray aliens or extraterrestrial activity.

Stories of other ET activities.

There was a wall with paintings.

There have been several movies and even a TV show that focused on the Roswell story.
I loved the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art.  I enjoy contemporary art, especially abstract.  Pat humored me!  Below is a small sampling of what we saw.  There was a large variety of techniques.  I do not have the artist information on some.  I could have spent more time here and would enjoy going back.  

Donald Anderson started the Artist-in-Residency program in 1967.  Since 1967 they have provided over 250 artists from all over the world with studio space, housing, and a stipend to spend a year working on their art.  This year they are sponsoring 6 artists.  In 1994 the gallery opened to showcase the work of these artists.

Donald B. Anderson

Donald B. Anderson

Jason Knapp, UKb 1951, PAiR 1979-80, "The Panther on the Witson Bend," 1978, mixed media

Heather O'Hara, USA 1978, PAiR 2007-08, "Dry River Bed," 2007, lithographs on fabric, quilted

The bar was actually an artists project

You could sit on the chairs for pictures as long as you didn't touch the table.

Al Souza USA 1944, PAiR 1997-98, "Ridicule," 1998, puzzle parts, glue on panel

Alexandra Kraf, USA 1978, RAiR 2098-09, 2018

Ann Piper, USA 1970, RAiR 2003-04, "Defloration," 2003, oil on canvas

Robin Shores, USA 1944, RAiR 1978-79, "Arizona Highways," 1978, plaster relief

Susan Cooper, USA 1947, RAiR 1972-1973, "Table with Eggplant," 1991, oil on canvas and "Two Chairs," 1990, oil on wood

Yoshika Karai

With a threatening sky we left Roswell and headed to Bottomless Lakes State Park late Monday afternoon.  While we were at the State Park they had a hail storm in Roswell.  Before we left the park we experienced rain and strong winds there.

The 8 Lakes are not really lakes, but sinkholes formed when caves collapsed.  They range in depth from 17 to 70 feet deep.  The greenish blue color caused by aquatic plants gives the Lakes an illusion of great depth.

The largest lake, Lea, is the only one with swimming and camping.  It is enjoyed by scuba divers.

Lake Lea (with the arrival of the storm)

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