Sunday, May 23, 2021

Mount Trashmore

This was the hill behind the clock tower in Friday's picture (reposted below).  What makes it so special?

We did some fun things in Cedar Rapids but the best part was spending time with our youngest son, Chris!  

Saturday we headed to the top of this unusual park that offers walking and mountain bike trails, and picnicking.  It will take us to the highest point with a panoramic view of Cedar Rapids.  

I posted this picture Friday with the hill we're climbing in the background.

On Saturday we had to go grocery shopping (the shelves were getting pretty bare) and I had to pick up new glasses in Coralville.  Then we met Chris to walk up the hill.

Chris and his neighbors, Amber and Tyler BBQed Sat. night.  Great food and great company.  Amber makes cooking look so easy!  Of course Braxton and Carter were the entertainment.  After dinner Chris made home-made ice cream, a hit with the boys and adults.

In the late 1800's this area was a limestone quarry for over 60 years.  

In 1965 Cedar Rapids purchased this land for a landfill.  It is estimated to hold 6.4 million tons of waste and the quarry is now 208 feet taller than the Czech Village.   We and many others were headed up this pile of trash Friday! 

Looking out at The Solid Waste Agency's composting facility where 30,000 tons of materials are composted annually.

The concrete circles are tops to two tanks from the 1930's water treatments facility.  It closed in 1980.

One of many gas wells to evacuate the methane gas.

The methane is burned off.

Dirt was added on top of the waste so shifting is one of the safety concerns it is monitored for.  There are rules you must follow, check in prior to using the park, stay on paths and you may only use it during open hours when someone is present.

The city got permission to reopen the land fill in 2008 just for debris from the 2008 flood. This marker is the height it was at prior to adding the flood debris. It grew another 34 feet during 4 years.

We had to take the road as opposed to a walking path with the stroller.  

A view from the top of Mount Trashmore.  You can see the clock tower, the Czech/Slovak Museum (red roof) and the Cedar River.

There are walking and bike trails.

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