Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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From Racoon Mountain looking at the Tennessee River and Chattanooga, TN.  

Stop 4 is Chattanooga, TN.  The weather here Monday and Tuesday was beautiful.  If anything it was a little warm, but we're not complaining.  It's seems like we brought cold weather everywhere we went, only to have it warm up after we left.

We saw Ruby Falls, located underground in a cave, advertised for miles before Chattanooga.  Ruby Falls and the cave at our campground each cost $25 per person.  We've been through a lot of caves and seen some beautiful falls, so we decided to pass these up.  Just couldn't justify the cost. We didn't do anything Monday, but have some cheaper, as in free, activities available for Tuesday.

I get so confused on the day and time.  The days all seem like Sat.  The time, well, we just moved into Eastern Daylight time and will most likely stay in Eastern until Dec.

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One way on the road over the reservoir dam.

Racoon Mountain is a pumped-storage hydroelectric plant. To generate electricity, water from the upper reservoir is channeled through the intake structure to a 35 foot concrete passageway called a "penstock" leading to an unground powerhouse. This same penstock is used when the water is pumped up to the reservoir from the  Tennessee river below.

The Statue of Liberty is 151 feet tall.  This intake structure is 230 feet tall.  The slitted design prevents whirlpools as the water enters the intake.  It produces more than 1625 kilowatts of electricity.  Josh, who worked one summer in college for David Berti at Mark Twain Lakes Cannon Dam said it too was built with hydroelectric capabilities.  He wasn't sure if it has been used for that purpose.  Cannon Dam is capable of producing 58,000 kilowatts, enough for 20,000 people.

Pat's  finger is pointing to the water level today.

The reservoir on the top of Racoon Mountain.
Where are the Piepers now?  Chattanooga, TN

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