Sunday, May 22, 2022

I dont like snakes!

Boca Chita Key was once owned by Mark Honeywell.  

Clara recieved her preschool diploma.  Way to go Clara!

With 95% of the park being under water we left from the Visitor Center for The Heritage of Biscayne boat tour.  We really wanted to go on the sail/snorkel/paddle tour but it put us in the sun too long and this was a cheaper tour.

Our naturalist delighted us with the history of the area.   We learned of Israel and Samual Jones, most likely born into slavery before becoming free men.  Israel purchased Porgy Key and other southern keys and cleared them with his brother in the early 1900's.  Israel and his wife had two sons, King Arthur and Sir Lancelot.  Israel became a very profitable key lime producer.  After attending college the boys became great fishing guides.  The family was instrumental in preventing commercial development in what became Biscayne N. P.

Mark Honeywell, as in Honeywell electronics, owned Boca Chita Key in the late 1930's and early 1940's. He built a few basic buildings and hosted grand parties for his friends and business associates.  They would come and stay there on their grand yachts. Lots of boats and partying there now.  For $35 boats can spend the night.

The ornamental Lighthouse. 

Nice views from the top of the lighthouse. 

We even looked down and saw a manatee and two sharks.

A chapel, one of the few buildings built by Mr. Honeywell.

On the other side I finally got to wade in the Atlantic.

As Jason said, nothing screams National Park like a nuclear power plant.

This mullet decided to jump into our boat and join our tour. 

Saturday afternoon  we went to Everglades N. P. for a couple of short hikes.  Boy was it hot!  We saw lots of alligators and other wildlife.  A snake slithered across the path in front of me--no pictures!

Gumbo Limbo


Northern Red Bellied Cooter

Needham's Skimmer 


Lubber grasshoppers are huge.

Where are the Piepers now?  Key Largo, Fl

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