Sunday, May 15, 2022

We killed a lot of bugs today. You're welcome Florida!

My purchase at Yep! I'd Hit That.  Actually, I think Pat said that this t-shirt was made for me.🤔

Fog and rain as we started out on Saturday.  Below is a massive solar farm in southern Georgia.  It followed the highway for at least a mile and the panels went back as far as the eye could see.  Pat said it looked like the panels rolled from side-to-side to follow the sun

The solar collectors probably didn't like the rain either!

Thanks to our Harvest Host, Yep! I'd Hit That of Lake City, FL, for letting us stay.  2 other RVs spent Sat. night too.

Our drive Sunday morning involved a lot of bugs, big bugs, requiring us to wash the windshield several times.

It was a longer drive than usual but we made it to South Bay RV Park, South Bay, FL, by 2:00 Sunday.  It's a nice park with big spaces and not a lot of people.  Lots of trees, but not many trees by the RV spots.  We're right in front of the pond with the alligator warning signs.😱  Oh yeah, it's  warming up!

Across the road from our park is a path to the top of the levee.  We walked up the path tonight.  Tomorrow we're going back up the levee to ride part of the 100 mile trail around Lake Okeechobee, the 2nd largest natural freshwater lake within the continental U.S.  From the top of the levee we couldn't see the lake,  but rather something that might be a canal?  We'll see if we bike far enough tomorrow to see the lake.  Nice views of the campground though.

Plumbago auriculata is a plant native to South Africa ans it can be found year round in Southern Florida and Texas.  

Where are the Piepers now?  South Bay, FL 

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