Friday, May 13, 2022

We hit the jackpot!

Lane Southern Orchards' Market with fresh peaches!!

No, I'm not talking the lottery.  Our Harvest Host Friday night, Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley,  GA, is fantastic!  Great parking spot, great Cafe, great market items, YUM!  Their big items are peaches and pecans, in every way imaginable.  Peach season is starting and currently you can pick from their strawberry patch.  Partly sunny and in the 70's, beautiful.

This killdeer bird was not happy when we walked near his nest under a bush.   The killdeer is a large plover (rhymes with lover--a family joke, lol).  

Our lunch included fries, slaw, and pecan encrusted catfish.

My fried peach pie, with a muffin for breakfast tomorrow, and Pat's pecan pie.  This doesn't work well for our diet plan.

Our trip to the Orchard Market found us getting more peach and pecan items.  The peach bread is really good.  Pat's wine is not made from  their orchard produce, but is made in GA. .

Where are the Piepers now?  Lane Southern Orchard, Fort Valley, GA.

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