Friday, June 23, 2023

Boonies, in the sticks, Timbuktu, middle of nowhere, remote...

I see where Glasgow, Montana is actually designated as being "in the middle of nowhere," due to it being so remote. I beg to differ, however. We were on I80 in Nevada for 5ish hours today (Friday) and I'm pretty sure we were "in the middle of nowhere!" 

We were going to stop at a rest area 15 miles before Battle Mountain, NV for the night but it was closed. The next rest area, about 40 miles away, had reviews of being closed and opened, not worth talking the chance this late in the day.  We rarely, if ever, drive this late (4:30) but we left later knowing we would just be spending the night "in the middle of nowhere" with no hook-ups.

Battle Mountain, NV has a population of just under 4,000. This is BIG compared to anything we've seen today. Its economic base? Gold mining, and as one might guess, gambling. Clsrk Park is a cute park with all of the necessities (except our cable doesn't work). We will just use their showers so we don't need to hook-up to water and sewer and be ready to hit the road tomorrow. 

The town gets its name from the mountain range to the southwest where in the 1850's California emigrants were allegedly ambushed by a group of Native Americans.

Sun setting on the mountains to the southwest of Battle Mountain.

EVERYONE has a casino in Nevada.

Salt Flats

On Thursday we left Napa and headed toward Reno, NV. This was the first of 4 nights enroute to our next destination. We were on I80, but even with it being interstate, it is a notoriously steep ascent to Donner Pass at 7,057 feet. One bag of chips popped and, even though Pat lowered it to 40, our sleep number bed registered at 100 when we got to Reno. That's the highest reading so who knows how full it really was. At least it didn't pop! 

Most of these buildings in Reno are probably casinos. 

The Donner Party departed from Independence, MO on the Oregon Trail in 1846. They became trapped by an early, heavy snowfall and spent the winter in the Sierra Nevada's. The ending was not tasteful.

I'm not sure about this. I think it must be an old railroad bridge based on the modern rails in bottom right.

I saw a couple of places where it looked like it was being dismantled. 

Had no idea they grew rice in Nevada.
Where are the Piepers now? Battle Mountain, NV

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