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Snake River at Twin Falls, ID.

I had 3 chances to get a picture on the same stretch of road Sat. morning (I slept through the tunnel on the first go). Yep, we forgot the jack pads at Clark RV Park. Not that they are expensive, though they are, but more importantly they would be hard to replace with like ones. Pat remembered 70 miles down the road at the California Trail Interpretive Center. They let us park our RV there while we took the car on the 2 hour round trip back to Battle Mountain, NV to retrieve the 4 pads. Can't thank the owner of Clark's RV park enough for driving into Battle Mountain to put the pads in a safe spot.

We wouldn't have stopped at this interpretive center today, about 5 miles out of Elko, if not for our misfortune. It had great displays, information, and interactive displays for kids. They could dress up like the pioneers and load a miniature wagon. Decisions had to be made, not everything .would fit! Well worth the stop, but better yet if it hadn't involved an extra 2 hour drive! I would love to go back and spend more time. I would highly recommend it if you are traveling "in the middle of nowhere."

There were displays and beautiful murals depicting the journey on the California Trail in the 1840's-1860's. It ran from Missouri to California, specifically Sacramento. As well as the hardships of the Trail it also told of what they were headed for, mining. Displays were both inside and outside, and very detailed.

I think HD Summit was a bit higher at 6,280.

Hooking back up after a successful retrieval.

Referring to the Humbolt River

The California Trail went wbout 2,000 miles from the Missouri River to California. It follows the Humbolt River for 280 miles 

Back to "animal crossings." Along with under road crossings and roadside fences, animal-vehicle crashes are reduced by a large percentage.

No gambling, but we did spend Sat. night and ate dinner here. They had spots on site with water and electric for $24.

Perrine Memorial Bridge at Twin Falls, ID goes over a lava canyon and the Snake River. It is 486' above the Snake River making it the 8th tallest bridge in the U.S.

Historical marker at a rest area where we stopped for lunch. Lander Road was an alternate path on the Oregan Trail.

Lava Field 

Thank you to Cabela's in Ammon, ID (part of Idaho Falls) for letting us, plus 3 others, spend the night in their parking lot! 

Did some shopping at Cabela's and loaded up with groceries for us and our guests for our next stop... 
Where are the Piepers now? Idaho Falls, ID


  1. So thankful for your "toad" to be able to go back and get the pads! And a little side excursion on the way! Loved the ''ruh ro" because I say it all the time- especially to kids! laurie