Saturday, June 10, 2023

It may have been paradise...

...except for the gnats!

Friday we drove to Sequoia from the south. Three Rivers Hideaway is about 4 miles from that entrance. Talked to a ranger at the Boothills Visitor  Center who recommended we drive as far as we could on the curvy main road for a nice hike. The main road was closed about 8 miles in due to damage from the mudslides this spring. Just a guess but it might be closed for about 10 miles. 

On the north side of the road closure are some major park attractions. If you are on the south side, to reach those attractions, you have to take a 2 hour drive west and around Sequoia. Then you come across King's Canyon NP and the north entrance of Sequoia. THEN you take the curvy main road south in Sequoia for 29 miles.

After checking out Hospital Rock, we hiked about 4 1/2 miles through tall grasses, mostly uphill, to our lunch spot. The gnats were obnoxious and constant. A sign warned of poison oak and there was a lot of it. Hopefully, neither of us gets it. I itch just thinking about it! We didn't reach the end bu after lunch we decided we were done battling the bugs. Still it was a great hike. We came across (more likely passed by) several other groups.

South entrance

Until the 1990's  you could drive through Tunnel Rock. Vehicles just kept getting taller and bigger!

The road closure was here. We walked up the road (uphill the entire way) 3/4 of a mile to the closed campground to take the Paradise Creek Trail.

Where the road was closed there was a Native American sacred site with petroglyphs (below).

Across from Hospital Rock they discovered a "kitchen area." Acorns were ground in these holes.

Paradise Creek was moving fast. 


A mudslide went through part of the campground burying this table to the benches. 

Is he or isn't he? Pat did cross to a shady rock where we had lunch.

They were doing a prescribed burn in the park.

Where are the Piepers? Three Rivers, CA

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