Sunday, June 11, 2023

It's a snow Day!

Fire damage from the 2021 KNP Complex fire was devastating. Seeing it was heartbreaking.

On Sept. 9th a major lighten storm  brought more than 200 strikes to Sequoia and Kings Canyon, NP. On Sept. 10 three fires were found and they immediately put all efforts into putting them out. One was extinguished and  two large fires, one in Kings Canyon NP and one in Sequoia NP, merged into one large fire known as The KNP Complex

We were watching closely what was happening at the time as we were scheduled to arrive Sept. 22 at Sequoia NP, and it wasnt looking good. On Sept. 21 the majority of both parks were declared closed. The town of Three Rivers was evacuated and Three Rivers Hideaway campground closed. On Dec.19th the fire was declared 100% contained. 88,307 acres, or 138 square miles, were burned including parts of the adjoining Sequoia National Forest. We changed our plans, by the way, and headed to Napa.

Saturday started at Grant Grove located in the much smaller, western section of Kings Canyon NP. It showcases Sequoias. The larger, eastern section of King's Canyon is closed due to the spring flooding. It's comprised of mountains and deep caverns. Many can only be seen by hiking. 

On our way to Kings Canyon and Sequoia NP we saw lots of orchards. The oranges were looking pretty good!

Sequoias in Grant Grove, Kings Canyon

The General Grant tree, here and below, is the largest tree in Grant Grove.

A Sequoia you can walk through.

The clouds were low.

Pat was happy: trees!

From Sequoia National Forest looking at Kings Canyon.

I really dislike winter, cold, ice, snow! Why then, do I get so excited when we encounter snow in the Mountains?

Pat said I threw too close to him to get a picture of my thrown snowball. I told him I wasn't aiming for a picture! Missed him anyway.

Evidence of mudslides.

Giant Forest sequoia grove

The General Sherman sequoia is located in the Giant Forest in Sequoia. By volume, it is the largest sequoia on earth. You can park and take a shuttle, or take the 212 foot-drop trail to see it. We took the trail.

Only 4 of the 14 campgrounds within the parks are currently open, so we saw this a lot. I think one lodge in each park may be open.

As we left the area we stopped by Big Stump in Kings Canyon. 

Irrigation ditches

Where are the Piepers now? Three Rivers CA

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