Saturday, June 24, 2023

Skyline Wilderness Park--Napa, Part 1

First I  want to share a bit about Skyline Wilderness Park. When you hear "Napa" today, the first thing you think of is wine. That wasn't always the case, as you'll find out in Part II.

I loved this park starting with it's greeting sign with a quote. It is a small park with only one row with full hook-ups. It fits into an interesting aspect of Napa's history. It opened in 1979 when the state of California leased the land to Napa County to form a park. 

There are 25 miles of hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding, rich in history, a frisbee golf course, archery range, a native habitat garden, story walk, picnicking, and camping. 

We met Warren and Abby (Canada) at Three Rivers Hideaway and knew they would be coming to Skyline at some point. Turns out they were right next to us. 

The habitat garden included, labeled plants, gardens, and a redwood grouping.

Surrounding the garden was a story walk. Senorita Mariposa, by Ben Gundersheimer, tells the story of the migration of the monarch butterfly as it travels to Mexico for the winter.

I went back to the RV one of our first couple of days and told Pat about the animals in the pasture by the park. "I think they are nearly in the same spot as yesterday!"

Welcome to the archery range, lol.

Chicken coups? There were 3 in the park and why?

I need this, at least when we're done traveling.  Mölkky is a Finnish throwing game. Looks like fun to me. I'm sure Pat is groaning.

California Poppy

Sticky Monkey-Flower


Where are the Piepers now? Jackpot, NV

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