Monday, June 12, 2023

"There's a Mouse About the House." --Richard Fowler

The swinging bridge was reached via a short path, probably not even 1/4 mile long, from the Potwisha Campground area. 

Monday we went back into the southern entrance to Sequoia. At Hospital Rock we took a short trail along the river. At Potwisha Campground we walked to the swinging bridge. Both very rocky trails and the waters were moving so fast! Before I get to the rest of Mondays pictures I have a "tail" to share from a couple of weeks ago. 

One of my favorite's, my grandkids, and the kids I used to visit when I worked for PAT, children's books. There's a small cardboard mouse with a tail that the kids put through a slot in the cover. Then they take the mouse and follow the dotted lines on an adventure on each page as the mouse goes though the house searching for food. Of course he must avoid the cat, the parrot, as well as Mr. and Mrs. B. Does he find food? Does he make it out of the house? 

Now, the rest of the story! A couple of weeks ago we picked our RV up from Vroom, opened the knife drawer and my brand new silicone muffin cups had little pieces all over. Trying to process what could have happened I saw it, the mouse poop. YUCK!!! 

Vroom had just moved into a new building, basicly in the country. They had the building doors open and naturally the RV slide out (the slide with the kitchen drawers and pantry), and the slide seals off to work on it. 

What a night! We washed and dried dishes, threw stuff away, cleaned drawers, checked other parts of the slide and RV, refreshed the mouse-away (a strong peppermint smell they supposedly don't like) in the basement, and Pat drove to a Family Dollar a half hour away for mouse traps. After 5 hours we were exhausted! 

It was a stupid mouse/mice as he skipped the food cabinets totally but seemed to like the drawers with silicone, the brand new muffin cups, spatula, tongs, and Pat's favorite basting brush. He/they also seemed to prefer the color orange, go figure.

View of Moro Rock from the south entrance to Sequoia, elevation 6,725 ft. When we entered Sequoia from the north on Sat. highest elevation that we went was 7,335 ft.

What holds the two rocks on the left up on the River Trail?

Rocks of all sizes on the River Trail.

We saw this swinging bridge on a map at the visitor's center. I haven't seen it on any other map but as a person who loves bridges--not, I assure you it was there!

California Sister

Next Three Rivers where we had lunch at Three Rivers Brewing Co. There we found the Pupusas La Sabrosa food truck, nice view of the Kaweah River, and a beautiful day to eat outside.

Pat had an enormous burrito. My puposa kind of reminded me of Indian Fry Bread. It was topped with chicken and cabbage and a spicy, but not too spicy, sauce. It was DELICIOUS!!

Kaweah River
Where are the Piepers now? Three Rivers, CA


  1. Love hearing about/seeing your fabulous (well, obviously not all perfect) adventures! Caril

    1. Lol, life is never perfect! We certainly enjoy "living the dream."